Friday, July 30, 2010

The Road to Permanent Age Regression

Adult Baby and permanently Age Regressed 'pansy', is awaiting the 3rd and Final Appnt with a Psych Dr. on 9 August. The outcome of the Doctors Desicion will determine wether or not Master AJ can petition the court to the fact that this person IS mentally incompetant, and no longer has the ability to function as an Adult. The Lawyer that Master AJ hired is the same one that handled the sissy's name change from 'Barbara Gronski' to 'pansy Faggotte'.           The sissy has come to finally realize that ANY life resembling an adult is OVER! Master AJ has even spoken to the sissy's birth Mother, and explained what was going to happen to Her 1st child. She stated to AJ, that She knew that he (pansy) would NEVER amount to anything in life, and is not at all suprised that he will now be living the rest of his life as an adult baby girl. She agreed to send Master AJ all of the remaining items She has of his, as pansy is no longer acknowledged as ever being a member of Her family. She even said that She will gladley write and send a Notarized letter to the attorney handling the situation, granting Al John total guardianship of this person. A person that used to be Her son, but is now reduced to a 3 year old child.   The sissy hangs his  head in complete and total shame.  Shameful of the fact that he has failed as an adult, and will now be forced to spend every waking, (and sleeping) minute of his life being refered to as a child. Shameful of the fact that he will never be allowed to make a decsion for himself ever again, and Shameful for the fact that EVERYONE is aware of his status. 

This final picture is the last photo ever taken of pansy as an adult, and it will remain that way.    

Monday, July 19, 2010

sissy pansy's 2nd visit to the Pysch Dr

As mentioned in the previous post, Dr McMicheal told the fairy to show up at the appointment Friday 16 July in a baby girl outfit, as you can see, pansy has everything that he will need for the day, his pacifier, bottle, his new dolly and a carry bag with an extra bottle, two jars of Gerbers, his dish and spoon. the sissy will no longer be allowed to carry a purse, (that's something that a grown up does), have house keys or have anything that will remind him of his former adult life.
So at the Dr.'s office, it was apparent that the staff had been told about how pansy would be dressed that day, however there was still many laughs and chuckles to be heard. One of the Office Girls did in fact bring a bottle for the sissy, (although, She didn't feed him). After spending more than half an hour going over the test results and asking the sissy more questions. He deemed that in fact, pansy IS No longer capable of living as a adult, however He did inform Al John and His property that a last visit to a Dr that deals in sexuality disorders would be required before Dr McMicheal signs the papers for Al John legal guardianship. He explained the reason for this was just to have a second opinion that this was not just a fantasy for pansy, but a true honest-to-goodness lifestyle.                                                     And now, to pansy's outfit for the day, two days before the 16th, the sissy was taken to the goodwill store to look for juvenile style clothes, not finding anything, the sissy was bought a pair of white girls tights, some pink shoes and a new dolly. the sissy was told to try and curl his hair just like the dolly's. Over his white tights are two diapers, and of course his bright pink plastic panties. Pink anklets and his new pink shoes complete his totally babified outfit. Once the sissy is outside and locks the door, he can do nothing but sit and wait for a Superior to take him to the appointment. Master AJ had some small work to do at His auto shop, Before reaching the Dr's office, He 1st took pansy to His Mother's house, as She had requested to see how the fairy was dressed. Master AJ was even suprised when waiting at His Mothers' house was 2 Females, who had never met pansy before. Of Course!, they were in complete shock at seeing a 49 year old man dressed and acting like a 3 year old baby girl, to add to the sissy's humiliation of being laughed at by complete strangers, She DEMANDED that pansy stand in the corner, facing Them, and wet himself, it took several glasses of apple juice, but the sissy finally let out a torrent of wee wee into his diaper. By now, the 2 females were convinced that this thing standing in front of them certainly NOT a man, but in fact that he IS a baby girl, upon leaving, Master's Mother informed pansy, that he would now be cleaning thier houses as well, and that They would of course be permitted to humiliate and degrade the sissy any way they see fit.      

Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay, so what happened ?...pansy

The appoinment for pansy to visit the Pyschiatrist was moved to July 8 2010, pansy was allowed by Master AJ to wear one of his remaining "big girl" oufits, (although, certainly not something a 49 year old F would wear).    Just so that everyone knows, Master AJ had extensive talks with the Dr., (Dr. McMicheal) and His staff about pansy and how he usually dresses, however this outfit is not overly juvenile for him. The sissy is permanently icontenent, (as everyone knows) and now, in order to allow him to be in wet diapers for a longer period of time, the fairy know has 10+ pairs of plastic panties.So, on with appointment, just before leaving, Master AJ insisted that pansy drink 2 litres of water, (as he wouldn't be taking his bottle) thus ensuring that he would wet himself during the meeting. Upon arrival at the office, pansy was instructed to suck his thumb, (as his pacifer was left home as well). Master and pansy took seats in the waiting room, as they arrived early. Master read a Sports Illustrated as pansy sucked his thumb, Master AJ noticed that pansy looked a little nervous and scared, AJ could do nothing but laugh secretly to himself. He then noticed that pansy's legs buckled a little bit and a grimace graced his face. The sissy had wet himself, (good thing for his plastic panties!). The Receptionist called for them, and She almost giggled out when she called his name "pansy Fag-fagott?". Al John, politely corrected Her, and said "his name is pronounced "Fa-zshe". "Oh..okay", again with a giggle.
Upon entering Dr. McMicheal's office the sissy curtseyed and took a seat in front of the Dr., as Master AJ sat off in the corner. The Dr began asking the sissy a list of questions, (probably prepared after discussions' with AL John.) "Is your name legally "pansy Faggotte?", He 1st asked. "yeth" responding the wet diapered fairy. pansy open the pink folder he was carrying and produced documents on how his name was 1st changed to "Barbara Gronski" in 1988, and then to "pansy Faggotte" in 2008. The Dr then asked "so, you believe that you are a 3 year old girl?", the sissy meekly responded, (just for convienance and readabilty, pansy's responses won't be typed with lisp spelling)  "No, this sissy knows that it is an adult, but wishes to live its life as a 3 year old, and to be regressed so that this sissy will never be an adult again". "And why?, do you want that pansy?" Dr McMicheal retorted "This sissy feels happier and better about itself when it is a little girl". Several other similiar questions progressed throughout the session. Dr McMicheal did ask that pansy to try, to not talk without a lisp, pansy tried...but he could not do it. The Dr also asked pansy what he thought other people thought of him. "Show Him the paper from the neighbor, sissy". pansy pulled a note from the Lady across the street that has known AJ for many years. She had agreed to write a letter, and even have it Notarized, the She believed that pansy was 'mentally retarded, and incapable of looking after himself'. The Dr made a copy of this and the other documents pansy had given Him. Later in the session, the sissy was given several tests, one was the Rorschock (?) test, a personality test, and an IQ test. The Dr and Master AJ left the room as pansy tried to answers the questions. The sissy found that he was having difficulty focusing, his mind kept drifting off, thinking other sissy males dressed as Adult baby girl, and thinking of sissy stories that he read. Before long, 20 minutes was up, and the 2 Males came back into the office. The Dr took the test and placed them in a file. "Okay, pansy, that is enough for today, I have scheduled another appointment for you July 16th at 2pm, We both decided that it would be best that for that appointment you wear the most babyish outfit that you have, one of my Nurses has even agreed to give you a bottle in the waiting room". The sissy stood up, curtseyed, and said "thank you Dr McMicheal".      While driving home, Master recieved 2 phone calls, the 1st from his Mother, as She was inquiring about when the sissy was coming to clean. He told Her it will be Monday or Tuesday, as over the weekend, the sissy would be kept in "Intense Babification". pansy, sitting buckled in the back seat, (he is forbidden to ride in the front seat), knew exactly what was in store for him. The 2nd call was from 'Danielle', Master AJ's TS lover, She was inquiring, how the session went, Master AJ told Her that it went well, told Her about next week's appointment, and told Her that She needs to step up Her humiliaiton and cruelty towards pansy, and that She had better get used to changing his diapers.                                                                                                                                 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Saturday and Sunday the sissy spent, (as mentioned before) in 'intense babification', this consists of the sissy being forbidden to speak, forbidden to watch his cartoons, forbidden to read sissy websites on the internet. The sissy spends the entire day, locked in his tiny room with nothing to do but think of what a pathetic diaper wearing fairy he is. Occasionaly, he will be let out to eat something.he must then crawl into the living and get into his chair, (not a high chair yet, unfortuanetly), eat and drink, and then sent crawling back into the room to be locked in again. The sissy began this treatment friday as soon as he got home, as Master AJ wanted to reassure pansy that his dressing like a 'big girl' was soon, (hopefully) coming to a permanent end.    
   By sunday morning, his diaper was filled to the brim with pee-pee  and poo-poo, Master allowed pansy to crawl into the bathroom, clean himself up and replace the diaper, the sissy was finally released from 'intense babification, just this morning 7/12 at 7a 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Asinine Anonymous Jackassery

TO THE IDIOT (S), that keeps complaining about "Not Enough Humilition", "Not Enough Bondage", and the pics being "Staged", stop posting as Anonymous !!, If you hate this blog so much, DON"T FREAKING READ IT !!, There are a plethora of Bondage Blogs, TS/TV blogs with photos stolen from other websites, and posts copied verbatim from other internet sites.

Every pictures here is REAL, and my lifestyle is REAL..... not Anonymous !!

This sissy  usually don't get the chance to respond like a Grown Up, or use its extensive vernacular, however Master AL John has allowed this sissy to respond to these increasingly annoying assclown comments. This sissy wishes that somehow it could BAN you, but your nothing but a equivicating coward, with nothing better to do than make comments about someone's life, (that YOU know nothing about!!), and its goal to entertaing and inform others.  

Have a Happy 4th of July holiday everyone !! Except the Anonymous Irritant !!