Friday, July 30, 2010

The Road to Permanent Age Regression

Adult Baby and permanently Age Regressed 'pansy', is awaiting the 3rd and Final Appnt with a Psych Dr. on 9 August. The outcome of the Doctors Desicion will determine wether or not Master AJ can petition the court to the fact that this person IS mentally incompetant, and no longer has the ability to function as an Adult. The Lawyer that Master AJ hired is the same one that handled the sissy's name change from 'Barbara Gronski' to 'pansy Faggotte'.           The sissy has come to finally realize that ANY life resembling an adult is OVER! Master AJ has even spoken to the sissy's birth Mother, and explained what was going to happen to Her 1st child. She stated to AJ, that She knew that he (pansy) would NEVER amount to anything in life, and is not at all suprised that he will now be living the rest of his life as an adult baby girl. She agreed to send Master AJ all of the remaining items She has of his, as pansy is no longer acknowledged as ever being a member of Her family. She even said that She will gladley write and send a Notarized letter to the attorney handling the situation, granting Al John total guardianship of this person. A person that used to be Her son, but is now reduced to a 3 year old child.   The sissy hangs his  head in complete and total shame.  Shameful of the fact that he has failed as an adult, and will now be forced to spend every waking, (and sleeping) minute of his life being refered to as a child. Shameful of the fact that he will never be allowed to make a decsion for himself ever again, and Shameful for the fact that EVERYONE is aware of his status. 

This final picture is the last photo ever taken of pansy as an adult, and it will remain that way.    


BA said...

If I knew where you lived I'd come and kick the shit out of you for making up this bullshit. You're a fucking disgrace. get a fucking life.

Candace-Marie said...

i think you look like a beautiful little sissy gurly in that darling white dress and bonnet and pacifier, and of course you need to be completely under the control of Master AJ because real sissies like us are far too inadequate to survive on our own aren't we?