Saturday, July 18, 2009

The sissy is forced to have his hair dyed

On Thursday, July 16,
sissy male pansy was Ordered by Master Al Johns Mother to dye his hair bright Red.

She is very active in his ongoing Humiliation, and when She saw this colour, She knew it would be perfect for him. She, however refuses to be in any pictures with pansy, anyway the stupid fairy actually had the GALL to tell Her NO!, He wasn't going to dye his hair. Don't you think by now pansy would know better than to tell a Superior NO!. to anything. She was LIVID, and called up Her Son, Master AL John, that His sissy slave needed some immediate punishment.
Master AL John proceeded the next morning to keep pansy in bondage for the entire day, 1st the sissy was tied with an arm bar for several hours, and Master, (who has the week off) took the liberty of hitting the back of his fat thighs with a belt over and over. When Master AL John had to leave, He reties the sissy with wrist and ankle ropes and orders the fairy to stand perfectly still.

When Master AL John leaves, He tethers His sissy slave to a hook above the door. The Door is a side door to His house and pansy WILL Be very visable to passerbys outside/

As the sissy stares out the door and sees people going on with thier life, He tries to remember what his life was like 5 years ago, before Master AL John permanently enslaved him, pansy was once a passable TS, with implants, he worked a real job, had a nice car, and many TG girlfriends.

Now pansy is SO COMPLETELY Dominated and sissified, it is unlikely he could ever resume a life outside being a total slave.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More pictures of a Male Maid

Overly Feminized and
permanently Sissified 'pansy Faggotte', is spending more and more time in his several Maid Uniforms.
This is extremely humiliating for the sissy male, but as EVERYONE should know by now, pansy is is FORBIDDEN to make decisions on how he is to be dressed. This decision falls on to his Master/Owner - Superior Male Master AL John

The fairy is forced on this day July 1, 2009, to wear a sign around his neck, stating the obvious.
"I Am A Sissy Male", is there no deeper humiliation that a feminized transvestite could endure? pansy is also (as you can see, forced to suck on a pacifier pretty much 24/7, and even more degrading is that the sissy has taken off his top, and the sign hides his tiny sissy titties

Before Master AJ took ownership of the sissy and legally had his name changed, he was a very passable TS with 36C Implans. They have obviously been removed, as Master AJ does NOT want pansy to pass as a Female, but wants the fairy to always be seen as a feminized male, and he will be known and seen as such for as long as Master AJ owns him.

And lastly, the final degrading act pansy is forced to endure is to have the phrase, "I Am A Male Maid"
written on his chest in Black Magic Marker
No Respectable, Classy, or other wise decent CD/TV/TS
would allow themselves to be treated or exposed/exploited in such a way. Only a sissy male that is 100% addicted to being Humiliated and Degraded would actually WANT to be treated like this.