Sunday, September 30, 2012

The sissy Wishes !!!......

That he was able to dress and act like a real "TS / Female"
The sissy faggot maid is outside and exposed for everyone to see, Master AL John's Neighbors ALL know of pansy's slave status, and even they have NO problem hurling insults and degrading comments towards him.....
FIX That FUCKING APRON, You Retard !!!!!, HOW dare you take a picture like that... 'Master AL John' ~~~ Please, PLEASE !! __ BEAT pansy's ass ! and, Make him cry, the crossdressing sissy faggot needs to learn to take better pictures !! pansy is a complete embarressment to sissy slavery, he really and truely does need to be sent to some form of sissy discpline school.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

PIG #327 Humiliation Captions

Imagine....Being FORCED to Create and Posts these captions, and then suffer the Humiliation and Degradation of EVERYONE Knowing Exactly what you are !!!
PIG #327 knows no other life except Humiliation and Slavery !!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

back to being a diaper pig

After 2 Relatively Boring posts, its time to get back to main purpose of this BLOG. Its Purpose is to HUMILIATE and DEGRADE this pathetic fairy, Hurt is Feelings with Cruel Comments, and Ridicule him for his NEED to be treated like this.
Does Everyone agree with pansy? That he IS!!, a Diaper wearing Loser, The sissy should have an Entire, Real website built around his sissy pig lifestyle, a website that can host the over 4-5 thousand (yes, that many) pictures of him being degraded and ridiculed. That would certainly add to his shame, increase his internet exposure, and just be good laugh for everyone else.
Good Grief!!!, is pansy just about the STUPIDIEST thing you have ever seen, (maybe that should warrant a new poll) how hard is it to make sure that the sign you are holding is right side up?? GEEZ, maybe Master AL John should REALLLLLLY get serious about returning the sissy to infancy
Why?, you may ask, has the twit smashed a rotten banana onto his face? Does it makes him prettier?, Does it prove that his need to be ridiculed is so intense that he will degrade himself to this level?, actually, the diaper sissy is going to email them to the Moderator of He runs a website were fat, ugly, skanky loser Females and sissys are posted. The site HIGHLY encourages these PIGS to be laughed at, degraded, and ridiculed. It is a LOT of fun, and a very well done website
sissy pig pansy seems so proud of his latest picture, as stated before the sissy feels happiest when it knows that people are looking at his pictures and laughing at him, PLEASE!, help the sissy by making cruel comments about him on this blog, or you can email him directly at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Pics

2 pictures taken at Master AL John's Place of Business

Monday, September 3, 2012

AL John - Haven't Posted in a While

I just got back from New Orleans helping out FEMA and the Tropical Storm situation there, so pansy hasn't beem able to post anything lately as she is only allowed computer time that I can monitor.

In response to the questions in the last post, where, (I think the authors name is Angel), rasied several issues

I haven't been able to get pansy's teeth removed as I had to take her off my health insurance policy. The insurance on my business has tripled (3X  !!) over the last 2 years...seemingly for no reason, (well, just that Florida is one of the most corrupt states in the country!)

I can't have pansy be bald either, has I have had to let her have a part time job to make ends meet, (until we move out FLA...sometime early next year). When she wants to she can pass as a F very well, as seen in the pics below (taken at my business)