Monday, September 15, 2008

7 reasons that i am sissy !!

1. this sissy has never had a "Real" girlfriend, never had sex with a "Female'". This fairy was forced into Gay sex/slavery at 13

2. this sissy wears Girls clothing, not because he is a "Girl", but he is CERTAINLY not a Man !

3. this sissy loves to have a "REAL Males" cock buried deep in his throat, buried deep in his sissy cunt, and he craves HARD Sexual and Mental abuse

4. this sissy is 10000% forbidden to wear pants/ shorts, he MUST ALWAYS be in skirts and heels, in FULL Makeup 10000% of the time, and this sissy needs to be submissive to ALL Males/Females at ALL Time (Without Exception)

5. this sissy knows that he is a LOSER, it needs to made fun of, humiliated, ridiculed, degraded and scorned. Hurt his feelings with cruel and vicious comments, this sissy deserves and NEEDS it

6. this sissy is FAT, Ugly, and NOT passable as a Girl. it is so Freakin Obvious that he is a Male dressed in female clothing

7. this sissy is Stupid - plain and simple