Friday, March 23, 2012

March 2012 Cannot End Soon Enough !

Once in a While, Everyone seems to go through a stretch where every possible bad things happens within a relatively short period of time

pansy sprains his ankle and hurts his knee slipping a wet spot on the floor, his sprained ankle his now okay, however his knee has a deep knee bruise, and even walking in heels for 10-15 minutes causes the sissy some unwanted pain.

Master AJ's Brothers' Wife succumbs to cancer, (although this was somewhat expected, it is still tragic)

Master AJ's Truck Shop is Vandalized

pansy loses everything on his PC as it takes a fatal crashing, 5 years of pictures, videos and text are wiped out, (although most are backed up on disc, alot - was still not).

To make matters worse, there are still 8 more days left in this month
Here is a video of pansy doing his chores, (just a few days before his fall), that fortunately was still on Master AJ's computer. Once again, please excuse the poor quality of the video.    

Monday, March 19, 2012

sissy male SLAVE !

pansy Faggotte (yes!, his REAL Legal Name), is a slave. The sissy KNOWS that he has NO Rights, NO Opinions, and NO Thoughts other than those that he is TOLD to have!
his Owner, has decided that pansy will kept in his leg chains and wrist chains pretty much 24/7 now, as pansy will never again know freedom, and its not like he deserves any type of freedom, he is just SO-O Inferior to everyone else !!

And of course he is in Diapers. Using the toilet is a privelage, sissy male slaves like pansy are not given such a privelage, he is ALWAYS in diapers, and will be for as long as he is alive. 

the sissy's Owner, Superior Male, Master AL Johns displays His complete ownership of His property. pansy is NOT a person, he is the property of his Master.
"Once again, you stupid fucking piece of shit, you forgot to take out the Garbage" He tells the sissy. pansy cannot answer, however, it knows it will be punished. 
"Maybe, I should just throw you out with the garbage as well!" He adds

Even after covering his slave with a gabage bag, restricting his breathing by tying a rope around the bag and his neck, Master AL Johns demonstrates His COMPLETE Domination of the sissy.
'Why doesn't pansy rebel or stand up for himself?'
'Why doesn't pansy say "i don't want to a sissy slave or i don't want to be kept in diapers?'
simple :

pansy is a slave, he was always meant to be a slave, and will always be a slave.
End of discussion

*************** These pics were taken 2 days before the sissy sprained his ankle and hurt his knee, the sissy is now fine and will be taking new pictures this week, and Master is always looking for new picture requests, - pansy 'STILL' has to do a photo shoot for his on-line Master "TheSlutMaker" - look for that soon on ImageFap   ********** 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ouch !!!

sissy pansy, will, unfortunately, be out of commision for a while (couple of weeks ?), the stupid sissy slipped while cleaning Masters kitchen floor and hurt is right knee and ankle.  The Knee is bruised and now very swollen, and the ankle is a grade 2 sprain.

Master AL John had to dig through the closet to find his pink flat baby girl style shoes, good thing He saved them, as pansy is usually only permitted to wear his high heels. Master AJ also did not insist that he wear a baby outfit to his appointment at the clinic, but the girls there did figure out that he was diapered, the were very understanding and even called pansy "She".  There is still another photo set to post, but remember that they were taken before his slip and fall.