Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FORCED !, into new levels of Humiliation

Sissified Male 'pansy Faggotte' is well on its way to become one of the most exposed sissies on the internet. Last Month, pansy's Owner, Superior Male, Master AL John allowed the fairy to take on-line instructions from a Male, that calls Himself, "TheSlutMaker". The Humiliations that "TheSlutMaker" has forced the fat sissy to do have been outstanding, here are a few links to some of those pictures  you need to be logged into ImageFap to make comments on his pictures, Pictures can also be found on Homemade BDSM  

With that being said...On with today's Humiliating Post.    After completing week 3 of "TheSlutMakers" Internet Orders, Master AJ informs his slave to keep on the Extreme Whore Face paint for the entire day as he does his daily chores, He does allow pansy to wear some sembalance of clothing, however his painted tits Must be on display, and he is wearing 3 diapers, as he wont be changed for rest of the day. 
Can Anyone else just feel how Humiliated pansy must be feeling right now, knowing  that EVERYONE is laughing at him. The on-line Master plans to degrade this sissy to the deepest levels of Submission and Humiliation. 
As pansy teeters through Masters Backyard to the Clothesline, we can see the extremely thick diapers, pansy will be wetting them for a long time. he usually is allowed a change after his mid-day nap, but, NOT Today, sissy
If it weren't for pansys' housekeeping, (for Master AJ, His Mother, and Her 2 Female friends) he would serve absolutely no purpose in life as A. he is quite stupid for a 51 year old. B. he has no sort of marketable job skills  C. he has NO self-esteem  D. he is very childlike in his thoughts, speech, and actions. 
pansy's only thoughts now are stupidly wetting his diapers, Look close at his face (don't be scared!), can you detect the Mistake he made on his face writing?  TheSlutMaker did, and He was furious, pansy was crying after TheSlutMaker berated him in an email, and Master AL John called pansy " STUPID FUCKING IDIOT" for the next 2 days. 
Oh God, isn't that precious !! pansy's Mother must be so happy !! Oh, wait, She completely disowned him several years ago. Any wonder why ????????????

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink sissy, Wet diapers, Soap punishment

Thanks to an Overwhelming desire to see pansy punished with a bar of soap in his Mouth, Master AL John (Not that He really needs a reason to punish His sissy slave), decides to punish pansy, as pansy has not doing a very good job of following the instructions of his on-line Master, Trainer, and Humiliator. 
1st, of course, he must drink enough of his "sissy juice", to ensure that he fills his diapers, after consuming 2 bottles, pansy is told to sit on a chair, and open wide !!
Hopefully, this sissy doesn't enjoy this type of punishment or humiliation, but knowing pansy as we all do by now, the sissy probably has a tiny stiffy in his diaper
and, for good measure, just too add to his humiliation, Master AL John covers pansy's face with a pink stocking, this helps to keep the bar of soap in his mouth, but also makes him look dumber than usual.
And in another display of his total subjugation, pansy is TOLD, to sit there for 1/2 an hour, and wet his diaper, and that Master AJ will check on him every 5 minutes or so to make sure that the sissy has not moved an inch !! And, as we leave this pathetic retard, Master turns off the light, so he has to sit in total darkness, and enjoy his humliation.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Various Pictures of the sissy with a Cock in its Mouth

There is NO DOUBT about it, pansy is a Cock-Sucker. Male Penis's BELONG in his mouth, Sperm Should be deposited down his throat. pansy is 51 years old, he sucked his first cock age 13... seems to everyone that, that ==  cocksucker !!   

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Feminized sissy serves as a Male Maid

It has become apperrent that in 2012, pansy is not going to be ever allowed to pass as a "Female" again, along with scheduled "Faggot Training Program" initiated by Master, TheSlutMaker, 2012 should be a long and extremely Humiliating and Degrading year for the sissy male. 
pansy has long realized, (and mentioned here, sometimes ad nauseum,) that for the rest of his life, he is nothing more than a slave, every thought must be how he can make his Superiors life better, and how he must become even more submissive in EVERY Way! The next picture shows his very fat sissy ass encased in what looks like it could be a wet diaper, sissy males like pansy do not even deserve the privelage of using a toilet. However Master, and others, have a plan to change that, and that can only bring added humiliation to the sissy.
Here, the fairy makes a bottle of a special connection he must make daily, it is 'Similac', baby formula, and some of Master AL John's piss (and sometimes cum). Its has been over a year now, that pansy has had to drink EVERY thing from a baby bottle, (that, will never change !)
After properly soaking his diaper with 3 wettings, he is instructed by Master AL John to remove it, and to show all the BLOG readers just how proud he is that he has wet his diaper. and just think, tommorrow (Feb 14) this sissy loser will be 51 years old. (Everyone Laugh Here!!!).  

And, as a final humiliation, pansy is told to stay there in curtsey, with his wet diaper and plastic panties draped over his face until Master AL John gets home, how long will it be 2 minutes, 5 minutes, an hour?, all pansy knows, is that he HAD better be in the correct position when his Owner arrives home. 

The Entire photo set is available in the special edition "Pathetic male maid", and as always, Master AJ ENCOURAGES that pansy's pictures be downloaded, printed, reposted, and shared. He would really like to see pansy become the most OVER-Exposed sissy male on the internet. Thank you for reading about his ongoing Humiliation and Degradation.   

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

" i am a sissy, Please Laught At Me !!!"

NO Doubt, That Everyone is doing Exactly That!, pansy. And what is the theme of today's humiliating post? The sissy must take pictures and make videos of itself wetting its panties and rubbing its tiny dicklette. As you can see, he still has on his much needed diaper, but is instructed to remove them and put on a pair of matching blue panties.
Some 5 minutes later, the sissy has a blissful look on his face as he feels the pee escaping from his panties, (he is so used to that feeling of wetness in his diapers)it also feels so very good running down his fat, blubbery, thighs. Imagine, that one of the very few things the sissy feels any pleasure from is wetting and creaming, creaming and wetting, a vicious circle of liquid spurting from that pathetic thing between his legs. 
pansy looks on in absolute pleasure as he watches the warm pee cascade down his pig legs, and coating his sissy white anklets and white mary jane shoes. Does pansy really enjoy these rare times of not being in a Diaper ? Don't Bother even asking him, is opinion is irrelevant , as he is under constant Domination by someone at all times, and THEY make all his decisions for him.
However, it does finally sink into the dim-witted blonde idiots feeble cat-sized brain, that he wishes that he did not have to perform such humiliating tasks, and wishes he was wetting in the comfort of his Diaper. This realisation, triggers the fairy to break out in a torrent of tears.

Tears of Sorrow
                                                 Tears of Shame
                You're a Pathetic sissy
And You're to Blame

Here is the Video of the sissy rubbing his tiny Dicklette, 10 minutes after his forced peeing session. Honestly, the peeing Video did not turn out very well and is not even worth posting, (Maybe in the Next Special Edition page, this sissy will post it, so that you can judge for yourself.) the sissy was OF COURSE punished for this by having to sleep Sat, Feb 4, chained underneath the kitchen table.
The only way Master has to make a video currently is on the webcam (which was not an option, here), or on the camera that the sissy uses for pictures. The Video actually could be better, Master knows that He has to inverst in a Real Movie Camera, to correctly recorded his slaves' Humiliation    

Friday, February 3, 2012

Some sissy pansy Captions (sort of)

These are not your typical Captioned pictures , (There are several WONDERFUL sissy caption sites that the sissy follows on Blogger) Master AL John has ordered this sissy to make short comments directly on his pictures. They may not be your cup of tea, or your idea of a "true caption picture", BUT, they is what they is ! 
Here is some info for the Readers on how this Blog is Constructed,  Master AL John selects the pictures, and will write the scripting. sissy pansy must then upload the pictures, and post the script. How humiliating it must be for the sissy to have to write this about itself, and humiliating to ALWAYS having to refer to itself  in the 3rd person, while its Owner is always refered to in the 1st person. 
Master AL John hopes that Most Readers are happy with the new direction this Blog has taken, He does read every comment and takes into consideration every humiliation idea suggested for the sissy fag. Please, take a look at the other sites the sissy has posted (or has been posted by someone else) its pictures, and join in,  -- In the Total Humiliation, Degradation, and Exposure of this pathetic sissy.