Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink sissy, Wet diapers, Soap punishment

Thanks to an Overwhelming desire to see pansy punished with a bar of soap in his Mouth, Master AL John (Not that He really needs a reason to punish His sissy slave), decides to punish pansy, as pansy has not doing a very good job of following the instructions of his on-line Master, Trainer, and Humiliator. 
1st, of course, he must drink enough of his "sissy juice", to ensure that he fills his diapers, after consuming 2 bottles, pansy is told to sit on a chair, and open wide !!
Hopefully, this sissy doesn't enjoy this type of punishment or humiliation, but knowing pansy as we all do by now, the sissy probably has a tiny stiffy in his diaper
and, for good measure, just too add to his humiliation, Master AL John covers pansy's face with a pink stocking, this helps to keep the bar of soap in his mouth, but also makes him look dumber than usual.
And in another display of his total subjugation, pansy is TOLD, to sit there for 1/2 an hour, and wet his diaper, and that Master AJ will check on him every 5 minutes or so to make sure that the sissy has not moved an inch !! And, as we leave this pathetic retard, Master turns off the light, so he has to sit in total darkness, and enjoy his humliation.  


Anonymous said...

So happy to see that Master has decided to use soaping as a punishment and I can only hope that tou also had a sore and red bottom as you sat sucking on that bar of soap.
I like you having that stocking on your head. As you rightly said it makes you looking even more stupid than usual. It reminds me of the suggestion I made long ago, namely that your Master should have your head shaved to give you a nice permantely stupid look suitable for a sissy baby!
How nice it would be for you to be taken to a barber shopi in your diapers and plastic pants for a humiliaiting head shave!
Angel said...

A fitting punishment but I cannot see any soapy bubbles. Has the sissy cheated somehow and not fully appreciated the soap? I would suggest soaking the soap in a hot of warm water before inserting it when you repeat this.
The stocking looks really good on the sissy and should be used more often.

Anonymous said...

The soap humiliation is good, but these pictures make it clear that Pansy's face should be covered by pantyhose, panties (wet or dry), or diapers more often, so that we don't have to look at the sissies stupid, ugly face.

pansy_Faggotte said...

thank you for the 3 comments posted here. Master AL John seems to agree that this sissy will be wearing stockings on its head more often (except in public), as HE agrees that anything that makes this sissy look even more pathetic is for the best, and also, by the time this sissy soap punishment was over, this sissy did have a soapy mouth, which made its next bottle of Similac formula taste very unpleasent. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this sissy's Blog

Anonymous said...

forget the stocking try a paper bag would rather see close ups of the diaper then the face i hope you filled those diapers like a good baby