Monday, February 13, 2012

A Feminized sissy serves as a Male Maid

It has become apperrent that in 2012, pansy is not going to be ever allowed to pass as a "Female" again, along with scheduled "Faggot Training Program" initiated by Master, TheSlutMaker, 2012 should be a long and extremely Humiliating and Degrading year for the sissy male. 
pansy has long realized, (and mentioned here, sometimes ad nauseum,) that for the rest of his life, he is nothing more than a slave, every thought must be how he can make his Superiors life better, and how he must become even more submissive in EVERY Way! The next picture shows his very fat sissy ass encased in what looks like it could be a wet diaper, sissy males like pansy do not even deserve the privelage of using a toilet. However Master, and others, have a plan to change that, and that can only bring added humiliation to the sissy.
Here, the fairy makes a bottle of a special connection he must make daily, it is 'Similac', baby formula, and some of Master AL John's piss (and sometimes cum). Its has been over a year now, that pansy has had to drink EVERY thing from a baby bottle, (that, will never change !)
After properly soaking his diaper with 3 wettings, he is instructed by Master AL John to remove it, and to show all the BLOG readers just how proud he is that he has wet his diaper. and just think, tommorrow (Feb 14) this sissy loser will be 51 years old. (Everyone Laugh Here!!!).  

And, as a final humiliation, pansy is told to stay there in curtsey, with his wet diaper and plastic panties draped over his face until Master AL John gets home, how long will it be 2 minutes, 5 minutes, an hour?, all pansy knows, is that he HAD better be in the correct position when his Owner arrives home. 

The Entire photo set is available in the special edition "Pathetic male maid", and as always, Master AJ ENCOURAGES that pansy's pictures be downloaded, printed, reposted, and shared. He would really like to see pansy become the most OVER-Exposed sissy male on the internet. Thank you for reading about his ongoing Humiliation and Degradation.   


Anonymous said...

I remember a few post back the idea that this pansy faggot was going to practice her sucking skills on a bar of soap . I would love to see a video of her doing this with a nice big creamy bar of pink dove or camay.

Anonymous said...

Very good post today and very good humiliation for the faggot. I hope that the sissies master has a special form of humiliation planned for the sissy for his birthday. In fact I think that a special birthday edition post should be made by the sissy. But congratulations sissy, your one year closer to the end of your sissy existence!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pansy
Yes, nice pics but I too am looking forward to see that piece of soap in your mouth.
And the plan for your toilet training sounds promising. I hope it means seeing you squatting on a big baby potty for your poos, but I dont think it will free the hopelessly incontinent big sissy from wet diapers in the future.

sissykris said...

so when does the castation mentioned awhile ago happen ?
and please more degrading vids of sissy out in public

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pansy!
Hope you get those nursery print plastic panties for a birthday present and show them to us! And of course a nice birthday spanking with pic showing your bottom getting redder and redder!

Candy Sissiboi said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day! *smile*



Sissy Misty said...

Hey sissy! my pictures where taken down from the image site, i had paniced and asked to have them taken down.
However, looking back, i relized that i should of kept them on there.
Moreso, my online friend is helping me, she's (yeah..she..) helped me pick pictures..and she's going to cap them for me and let me post them back up on the site when she's done them.
I asked her about maybe helping as a joke, and she was more than happy to start. -gulp- I'll let you know more when it happens..and i'll be making my own blog site soon *kisses*

pansy_Faggotte said...

sissy pansy's responses ~~ yes, this sissy will be forced to suck a bar of soap in its nexts photo, Master AJ thinks that is good humiliation. Yes, this sissy thinks it will also be getting a potty chair, very soon. sissykris, this fairy is not sure when its castration will take place, and this sissy is hoping its Master buys a good video camera soon. Birthday pics will be posted like Saturday, (with bar of soap sucking). Thank you for the birthday message, Candy, (YOU know this sissy is so in LOVE with you, and rubs its tiny dicklette and makes sissy creme everyday either looking at your pics/ or reading your stories). Hope to see your captioned pics very soon, sissy misty.

Sissy Misty said...

there's the photo album with the first set.she did a second set i have to upload and shes' going to do anther one. ^^

Anonymous said...

im a uk sissy faggot maid and just wondering which site i can expose my self on as a faggot maid. im at if anyone wants to chat

maid angela said...

T his is all very interesting but it is clear that the master and mistress here go to a great deal of trouble in order to satisfy sissy's need for humiliation. Personally I would prefer to be dressed in standard maid or female cleaner's uniform and be made to do the housework and wait on the family and visitors in the capacity of the family maid. I should be made to show proper respect for my betters who are everybody else in the house. Of course should a visitor fancy using me for his or her sexual pleasure as an item of household equipment I would be available for that purpose whatever that is. How I did or did not enjoy the actions of the visitor would be of no importance or interest