Monday, November 30, 2009

OK !! So Now Its Permanent !!

So Here It is, The last day of November 2009, and the last day that sissy male pansy will spend as an adult, for the rest of his life he will only be referred to as a 'Child". At one time he was a passable TS, and now at age 48, he is PERMANENTLY age-regressed to a 3 year old Adult little girl.   Sissy pansy will forever be in diapers, speak like a baby, and live a 100% total. complete baby lifestyle. 5 years ago, this started out as a fantasy, however over the years, it has developed into a permanent lifestyle, one that the sissy male cannot escape from now, (even if he wanted). The sissy's Master "Superior Male, Master AL John", has found a younger, and much prettier TS, that has agreed to babysit pansy, feed him and change his diapers on a daily basis.  Soon, one of the spare rooms in Master AJ's house will be a finished nursery for pansy, and thats where he will spending pretty much the rest of his life. This blog will continue with pansy describing what it is like to spend the rest of his life as an adult baby girl. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is The Writing on the Wall ???!

So it seems that pansy's fate has been sealed. his latest pictures have completey stripped away the last remaining ounce of adulthood, as pansy sits in his new playpen, he is thinking about his crib (that will arrive shortly) and how much he will enjoy sleeping in it for the rest of his life. Even Master AL John's Mother has come to accept the fact that he IS NO LONGER Considered to be an adult in any way shape or form.

For the rest of his life pansy will use a pacifier, drink from a bottle and play with his dollies, although he still has his never ending chores to accomplish, any resembelence of a 48 year old male is completely gone, and in the coming years, inactivity will make pansy even more docile, obiediant, and weak.

Welcome to the Rest of your life - sissy baby pansy !!!