Sunday, May 31, 2009

a sissy belongs in Bondage

All sissy males, (especially those as overly-feminized like pansy), should be put/kept in Bondage as often as possible. A sissy realizes his place in life while in Bondage, and it allows him to think about the fact that he has NO Escape from being a sissy, slut and/or whore.

Here is a short video of pansy in everyday bondage, he is tied up/ chained somehow EVERYDAY. Even if the sissy attempts to protest, his OWNER knows what is best for the fairy, and will usually make his bondage even longer

In case you are new to reading pansy blog thing - here are a few simply rules regarding his life
as a sissy male slave

pansy is FORBIDDEN to wear pants/shorts/skorts of any kind. he must always be in
skirts/ dresses, and they MUST be short enough to meet Master AJ's approval
pansy is FORBIDDEN to make desicions on how he is dressed, and he is Forbidden to be
without heels (unless his daily bathing).
pansy MUST always refer to himself in the 3rd person, and he should NEVER, EVER be
called a Female, Woman, or Girl, (he is a sissy male in skirts)
pansy is INFERIOR/Submissive to everyone (except those few sissy males that are on a equal
status as the fairy) pansy KNOWS to accept his commands without question, as he is not
permitted to question a Superior.
pansy is FORCED to suck cock, take cock. worship cock, his pathetic life revolves around
COCK, pansy is addicted to COCK and Pornography, Pornography and COCK.. COCK and Pornography, COCK and Pornography.
pansy was FORCED to have his name legally changed from "Barbara Gronski" to "pansy
Faggotte", and (in case your wondering, it is pronounced (FA-Zshey)(just think a french

And as always PLEASE Feel Free to download his pictures and repost them anywhere, anyplace that sissy males are exposed, exploited and humiliated

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny Names for a Feminized Fairy

Over thw last few weeks, sissy male pansy has been given 2 names by his on-line Superiors. The 1st one is "Fagalicious", the 2nd one is "Fluffernutter", if any one has any other sissy sissy names to call him, please feel free to post them.

This sissy has also been dressing in maid type uniforms almost every day now, after his chores, he must then either change into a sissy outfit and run errands for his Master, or if pansy is staying home, he must immiedately put on a little girl dress, and assume that role for the rest of the day

Here are 2 examples of the Maids Uniforms the sissy male is forced to wear, whether it be serving Master AL John and His Mother drinks, or doing his Owners Laundry, sissy maid pansy is always dressed totally sissy, and he knows that he is nothing more than a slave.

And then at other times the sissy fairy is made to dress in one of his new several (ALG) Adult Little Girl dresses
, of course how he is dressed, is NEVER his desicion, Master AJ, other On-Line Superiors, or even his TV Mommy, Miss Prissy dictate how pansy will be dressed

If you are interested in seeing more of the sissy males pictures, feel free to join these other sites where more of his pictures are available, please feel free to Download, Print, or Repost his pictures anywhere sissy males are exposed and exploited.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mental Manipulation of a Feminized Fairy

It seems that just as pansy was beginnig to embrace his adult little girl status, Master AL John orders him to start dressing like a school girl. and suddenly, the faggots owner decides that pansy is going back into 'ALG", status. Clearly, the sissy has NO Control over his life, or how he is manipulated. Its almost funny (or sad), when you think about it, Most people WANT to grow up, have their own life, raise a family, etc., etc... Then there are people like pansy, total and complete sissies, males, (and even females), that whose only real purpose in life is to be subserviant to Superiors.

pansy is DEFINATELY subserviant to Superior Males, he was forced into dressing and cocksucking at age 13, and has been getting gayer and sissier since then (except for a few yearr 1995-2002, when he had the false illusion that he was a passable TS). Master Al John, quickly saw through pansy's ruse and forced him to live his life as a sissifed male.
When Other Males are getting sexually excited by Females and/or sex, sissys like pansy can only get excited by being Humiliated and Degraded, HUMILIATED AND DEGRADED!!, pansy is so much of a sissy, that other Transvestite feel a need to Dominate him, as they should, pansy is sexually, emotionally, and mentally inferior.
Maybe its for the best that he be age regreesed to a 3 year old, its not he like he has a real future as an adult in this world.