Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Post in a New Dress we go again,

 pansy wears one of his new Little Girl style dresses. Every,  EVERY single thought that pansy has is how he can be MORE of a sissy/little girl.
 Sissified/ Feminized males(?) like pansy not only NEED to be regressed to a baby girl lifestyle, they WANT it. pansy is So Happy that he doesn't have to pretend to be a Grown-Up anymore.
 How Humiliating !!!
52 Years Old  !!!
Permanently Diapered !!
NEVER permitted to use a Toilet ever again !!!
pansy's diapers' are his toilet  !
Fairies like pansy are always seen and recognized for the total and complete sissies that they are...
pansy is ONLY permitted to wet his diaper while in a curtsey,  go sissy....wet those diapers you big sissy!!

Notice how full his diapers are, 7 hours of pee-pee and some poopy have made his diapers so Large, pansy cannot even remember the last time he used a toilet, drank from a glass, (he uses baby bottles for EVERYTHING!), or could talk Without a Lisp.
pansy is No Doubt one of the biggest sissy's on the internet, PLEASE, PLEASE spread, repost, share, caption, download, save any/all of his pictures.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

2 NEW pics of the sissy .....

this outfit the sissy wears to My Mothers house to do HER chores
This outfit he is told to wear when he gets home
and it seems to be much more appropriate for the sissy......
Hard to Believe that there were (at post) 15 comments on the sissy (closing?) the Blog, and not one since.
That Reminds Me (AL John), of the Allstate Commercial
Girl: Hey, Mike I didn't know that Allstate had all those Apps ?
Guy: Where did you here that?, on the Internet ? 
Girl: Yeah, and they couldn't print if it wasn't true....
Guy: and where did you hear that?
Girl: On the Internet
Girl: OH!, here comes my date, He's a French Model
Slack Jawed Yokel:    Uuhh, BonJour ??
Girl:, Later Mike.....
(Quoted by Elim Garak from DS9)