Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Post in a New Dress we go again,

 pansy wears one of his new Little Girl style dresses. Every,  EVERY single thought that pansy has is how he can be MORE of a sissy/little girl.
 Sissified/ Feminized males(?) like pansy not only NEED to be regressed to a baby girl lifestyle, they WANT it. pansy is So Happy that he doesn't have to pretend to be a Grown-Up anymore.
 How Humiliating !!!
52 Years Old  !!!
Permanently Diapered !!
NEVER permitted to use a Toilet ever again !!!
pansy's diapers' are his toilet  !
Fairies like pansy are always seen and recognized for the total and complete sissies that they are...
pansy is ONLY permitted to wet his diaper while in a curtsey,  go sissy....wet those diapers you big sissy!!

Notice how full his diapers are, 7 hours of pee-pee and some poopy have made his diapers so Large, pansy cannot even remember the last time he used a toilet, drank from a glass, (he uses baby bottles for EVERYTHING!), or could talk Without a Lisp.
pansy is No Doubt one of the biggest sissy's on the internet, PLEASE, PLEASE spread, repost, share, caption, download, save any/all of his pictures.  


sissyboy said...

nice to see pansy back give pansy lots of humiliation and lets all see it

Karen Singer said...

Great pictures Pansy! Love to see them.

Anonymous said...

yes I wear panties and proud too I just love to get dress in panties and bra one day I went to the store and brought some new one the lady came right out are these panties for you I said yes miss and what kind are you wearing now I pull my pants down show her my panties they were red thong she said very nice here let me she you some other kind there were pink blue pink black pink here try this on I told right here yes girl they were a pink g string panties when she came back she had a pink bra she put it on me and then I hear a lock close I ask her why you lock on my bra then she told my to bend over I did as told I felt some thing shove in my ass it was a butt plug and it was lock in to I then ask her what was going on she told me you been coming in here for awhile and never talk to me so I thought the next time I see you I was make you my bitch then she toke me to a room in there was some more lock she lock me in a bar that hung high then she left two hour went by I fell a sleep when I woke up she was there I see my bitch had a sleep I said yes miss she then pull out the plug yes your ass is open up nice just then I felt her dido cock in me she work it in and out I enjoy it I told not to stop then she said are you my bitch now I said yes miss I am your bitch here to please and you will become my sissy now that bra will only come off when I wash you it there to make your breasts grow out more well it did after six month I had breasts and I learn to be a sissy girl sissy

Jess said...

Oh YAAAYYY Pansy!!!!!! Great to see you back posting again for us to laugh at!!! Funny thing...back to U for upgrading courses and had one of my new roommates ask about you. Word got around far and wide about our parties last year ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaa! If you only actually knew how you launched some great things for my ladies!!!

It's even better to know that you pose the way you do because you actually LIKE to expose yourself as a ridiculous sissy bitch! If you'd like to take some orders from my new housemates, please reply to this. It's okay, you're safe, the blog is down and I hope you know we had no intention of harming you in any way. But you ARE fucking hilarious, and it was SO much fun to display your pathetic antics.

Micki won't be here...missing her already, but Cheers to you for another great year of laughing at you!!!

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