Monday, September 9, 2013

Permanent Juvenile

sissy pansy has been given a NEW title.....

.......That of a PERMANENT JUVENILE  !!
pansy in one of his cute Little Girl Dresses, and he is ready to begin another day in his permanent baby girl/juvenile life
sissy pansy has come to accept the fact the he will never EVER be allowed to pretend to be an adult ever again. pansy was SUCH a FAILURE!!!!, as a Grown Up, it is just best for him, (and everyone else) that he just live the rest of his pathetic, sorry life as a permanent Juvenile!! 
The final pic says it all "Please HELP him to become even more of a sissy"
Cruel, Hurtful Comments
Laughter, Ridicule, and Scorn
Printing and/or Reposting his pictures to ANY/ALL Internet sites
Thank you for taking the time to read this post


Anonymous said...

Your dresses are nice, but not short enough as they should always let everyone see your diapers and plastic pants. Why dont you beg your Master to get you some nursery print plastic pants and maybe a matching dress and bonnet too, then you would look like a real sissy baby.
And there should be more variation in your pics, we have all seen you countless times posing in your sissy dresses. I would like to see a weekly picture record of all your punishments, spankings, cornertome, mouth soaping, chains and so forth.

Jasmine said...

HAHAHA the ultimate loser is back...oh my 52 years old..getting older,shorter and fatter,weakling..The fact that I am young,beautiful and successful while you are fat,short,ugly AND have a small peepee makes it so enjoyable to laugh at you with my young,tall and beautiful girlfriends at your LOSER fat ass hahahahaha AND REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A POOR OLD LOSER

Anonymous said...

I think PERMANENT JUVENILE looks like a healthy, robust, masculine, well adjusted adult male. Not too mention handsome. Seems like he's winning at life to me. He makes an even more beautiful woman, he just can't lose!!

I bet he's bright and intelligent as well.

The real loser here seems like that pathetic "Master" faggot. What's this guys deal, always trying to put down such a beautiful human. I bet he is the one who needs to wear diapers himself. He probably has a clitdick. LOL@ him.

Anonymous said...

So what will the sissy fairy be for Halloween?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a permanent juvenile, as long as it is as a totally frilly and prissy little girl! And I would blush lollipop red if I the girl next door was my babysitter! "Now get out of those silly male clothes, Robyn-Anne. You know you belong in baby panties and a baby bonnet when I sit for you." An hour later I am sitting in a playpen, dressed like a baby girl, and Kelly is throwing her old lingerie at IO can play with her panties, bras, and stockings. She laughs as I craw around showing off my bulging sissy panty with a diaper underneath!

Missy Sissy Marine

princessnodak said...

Is Pansy done blogging?? if so, I understand why, but do enjoy this blog when it is active.

Anonymous said...

junI would like to see sissy strapped into her highchair and made to drink from her bottle filled with laxatives and prune juice. Left that way for a few hours while she makes big messes in her diapers with no way out of her highchair.