Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sissy pansy is a male maid

sissy male pansy dressed in another one of his several maid outfits, while in Master AL Johns house, this sissy must ALWAYS have his pacifier and bottle with him. pansy's Master insists that he wear very heavy make-up and soon it will ALL be permanent, (right now he has permanent eyeliner and eyebrows)

sissy male pansy does his Masters laundry 2wice a week, and it is obvious to tell that it is His, as pansy is strictly FORBIDDEN to wear pants, shorts of any kind, EVER!
pansy's chores around Masters House are never done, the sissy is very lucky that Master AJ allows him to live in His house, this way Master can can completely and totally control the sissy, and He can enforce pansy's life of absolute slavery

While doing his chores the sissy MUST AT ALL TIMES keep his pacifier in his mouth, Master AL John has even gone o far as to install surviellance (?) cameras around the house, so He can review them.
as pansy continues his laundry, his sissy brain can think of nothing but serving his Superiors, (the sissy also cleans the house of Master AJ's Mother, and one of Her Friends - They of course know that he is a sissy male that wears female clothing, Master AJ has given both Superior Females instructions to Humiliate, Degrade, Berate, and Belittle the feminized fairy

And as a reward for folding his Owner Laundry, the sissy male is forced to lift his way to short skirt, and show everyone his panties, (In this sissy's yahoo group
there are many MORE pictures in this set and you'll get to see the sissy wetting his panties, and crying while he does it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

sissy pansy and winnie

sissy male 'pansy faggotte' is waiting for his Master

to get home from his Government Job. Master AL John has promised the fairy that He will fuck pansy in his sissy-cunt.
Master AJ calls the sissy and informs him the He will have to work late, and pansy is to take his Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal, (which Master Al John has attached a dildo to) and fuck his pussy.
Of course, pansy follows his instructions immediately, and after sucking the dildoe, he proceeds to fuck. his cunt with a stuffed animal

pansy displays his fat white sissy-cunt, and how pathetic he must be, to bend over and spread his pussy for a stuffed animal with a dildo attached !

The sissy of course feels humiliated that he is forced to take pictures of himself being fucked by a stuffed animal, however, pansy craves being himiliated, and he knows that these pictures will only add to his shame and embaressment

Once pansy is done using his cunt, the sissy cleans the dildo wielding stuffed animal, and strokes his tiny dicklette in a hope that he will spurt sissy cream.