Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 sissy's, Lots of Suckin !

Feminized and Sissified fairy "pansy Faggotte" sucks the strap-on of Superior Goddess "Mistress Nicole". Sucking a Cock or Dildo is one of the very few things that the faggot can do with any amount of skill and proffeceincy.
Goddess Nicole shows HER Ownership of pansy, (as Master AL John takes the pictures, and APPROVES!) and then uses HER strap on to fuck pansy deep into his sissy cunt.
"Take this dildo in your sissy cunt, you fairy Fag!", She yells to pansy, and She pummels away deeper and deeper into his sissy cunt, it may be hard to see, but pansy is tied to the bench, so the sissy has no chance of escaping and MUST taking the anal raping of his Mistress. 

Goddess Nicole also LUVS to force sissy queers like pansy and Miss Prissy, (Miss Prissy is sometime pansy's Mommy - but under the spell of Goddess Nicole, prissy is just as much of a sissy cocksucker as pansy is) to suck each other's tiny dicklettes.
Notice how SHE just seems to LUV forcing pansys' head onto miss prissy's dicklette, sissy pansy wants very much to suck his faggot friends' dicklette, and is MORE than happy to drink the sissy cum as it erupts from miss prissy.
Make sure to drink down ALL of that Sperm, pansy !!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Michael Nesmith - Cruisin'

Loose Shoes

If YOU can't find the HUMOUR in this video !! You need to go take a long nap.......

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

XXXtreme sissy time ~~

Sissy pansy is being "forced to suck the cock of another sissy, (not that he minds...), however notice how Goddess Nicole is "feeding the sissy the cock!". Goddess Nicole Realishes in seeing sissified males and adult baby faggots, humiliate themselves, for HER Entertainment  
Here SHE dildoing sissy pansy whilst the other sissy gueer (Miss Priss)...waits for her session with the dildo...)

Master AL John Is the One taking the picstures and HE LUVS seeing his sissy faggot slave being Dominated by a Beautiful Female Goddess, (did sissy pansy take a spanking. or what ???!!)... It also seems seems that sissy pansy has been "OWNED" by another Superior...Master AL John "WANTS" pansy to be under a Dominant/Superiors instruction at all times !!   
    Goddess Nicole sure has the strap-on buried deep in pansy's sissy cunt, KEEP it UP ! Goddess, GIVE that sissy queer a good fucking, he needs it, faggots like sissy pansy have only 1 purpose in Life (!1 PURPOSE!), is to be used by Superiors like you, Mistress Nicole and Superiors like, Master Al John  
Okay, so now that queer has been changed into a more appropriate baby dress, and he is of course diapered
"Now listen Up, you sissy Faggot, you will drink all this special Formula that YOUR Goddess has made for you"  Goddess Nicole states.. "(yeth, mommy mithtthess)", the sissy in the high chair lispes...
"This formula, sissy pansy will actually help you to become a baby permanently, it is specially formulated with medication, and and some other stuff, that will basically "turn off", any of your adult behaviour/ thoughts"

"Drink up Sissy !!" 
"This Baby Food also has the same medication, so you are getting a Double Dose, can you say 'Baby Girl Forever'", Mistress Nicole Laughs at She takes the sissy to its crib that will be home for a very very very very very very long time
Does pansy have any chance of escaping the permanent babygirl lifestyle that Mistress Nicole wants to ENFORCE on the sissy !!!