Saturday, April 28, 2012

100% Trailer Trash !

Does Anyone remember the line from the movie "Animal House"   ------   "FAT, DRUNK and STOOPID, is NO WAY to go through LIFE!"      This is a prime example of that ....

Dirty Shirt, skanky Daisy duke shorts, slutty heels, whore-ish makeup, cheap beer and a bad attitude.   
Only a Drunken Slut would sit there and not share her beer with her friends, Now dont'cha think Scooby, Kong, and the Grape Ape would like a beer also?, how can you be so mean to your friends?, pansy  ......? Maybe you'ld better ask your Master for another 4 pack of beer for your friends, get your Maid outfit on make your Owner some $$$$$$.   !!   "The only really nice thing about pansy is his legs"  ~~ AL John ~~~ "But I am getting used to the dark hair, and I'll keep him dark haired for a while, My GFriend and Mom both like it as well, I am also thinking of letting pansy go back to living as a TS (still be diapered OF COURSE),"  ~~ AL John ~~~  "pansy DID do all of the Landscaping around my house and built this TIKI hut looking thing, so at least this sissy is good for something else than laughing at !"  ~~ AL John ~~~ "But, I do let pansy drink too much beer, he/she (what the fuck ever) really doesn't have any other made habits (except being addicted to pornography, masturbation and being humiliated!!!  - What a Triumvriate that it !!).
Wow. Another picture of this sissy loser drinking beer. Amazing. could you be anymore turned on. Yawn. Are we not men?. We are Devo. this is DE-EVolution for real. DEVO was right about everything, don't have to look far for the evidence, pansy is the poster child for de-evolution. How many people believe that de-evolution is real ? Is true that we are really all doomed ? are we destined to sit in a crappy looking tiki and drink beer ? Wow. 
Hopefully, this sissy Loser is NOT an example that you other sissies, Blog readers, hope to achieve....imagine,  passed out drunk, laying on the ground, being bitten by insects, pissed on by cats, and laughed at by millions (well, maybe not millions, but at least a couple of hundred!)   

Monday, April 16, 2012

This is More Like It !!

It has got to be the MOST Laughable thing when pansy is permitted to wear "Grown Up" Clothing..   Does anyone reading this BLOG not know that he is nothing but a diaper wearing sissy ?.   Master AL John does it for a reason - Just because He wants to fuck with pansy's peanut sized brain.  Master is finally convinced that the sissy is 100% totally addicted to Verbal Humiliation and being Degraded. 
Only 1 thing can be Happening Now !

Look at the stupid ass expression on his face  !!
Look at that half-ass lame curtsey  !! 

We Know what is Happening, Right ?

pansy is WETTING  !!
Our Next Glorious picture is that of pansy with his tiny dicklette fully erect !!Yes...that is fully erect !! Good Grief, why the hell does he even need a penis ?? really  ??  Master should actually just remove his sissy balls and whatever the hell that stupid littl thing is... don't give him a pussy, just turn the sissy into a nuetered, sexless sissy  
PLEASE !! Leave your most Hurtful and Cruel comments ! Don't worry about hurting his feelings, ..... pansy is only useless, pathetic (once passable TS), sissy that CRAVES any and all Verbal Humiliation he recieves. And AS Always!, feel free to download, copy, and repost his pictures anywhere on the internet.

There is a special edition "pansy Potty Training" ~~  WILL BE WORTH YOUR TIME !!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Congrats to Marlena

She is the 1st on the sissy male exposure site, and the 1st willing to to have her pictures placed where they WILL NOT be deleted. !! watch out sissy girls, She could use that cigar as dildo !!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dyed Hair sissy

Master AL Johns' Mother decided to dye the sissy's hair, (without His knowledge) , Master AJ is still not sure whether He likes it or not, and He would appreciate the readers of this BLOG to vote in the Latest poll...     

Should pansy stay with current hair colour  ??

The sissy is permitted to wear "Grown Up" clothing for a few days while Master AJ is out of  town attending a Funeral, the sissy STILL must call and beg Master AJ, every time he needs to change his diaper, and he must call and beg Master AJ every time he makes a sissy creamie. And, yes, the little devil tail is attached to his diaper, (Master wanted to attach it to a dildo, but the sissy was to stupid to do it by himself)