Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dyed Hair sissy

Master AL Johns' Mother decided to dye the sissy's hair, (without His knowledge) , Master AJ is still not sure whether He likes it or not, and He would appreciate the readers of this BLOG to vote in the Latest poll...     

Should pansy stay with current hair colour  ??

The sissy is permitted to wear "Grown Up" clothing for a few days while Master AJ is out of  town attending a Funeral, the sissy STILL must call and beg Master AJ, every time he needs to change his diaper, and he must call and beg Master AJ every time he makes a sissy creamie. And, yes, the little devil tail is attached to his diaper, (Master wanted to attach it to a dildo, but the sissy was to stupid to do it by himself) 


dinobaby said...

i think blonde looks better as the black doesnt look bright and sissys look way nicer with blonde hair and harder to hide that there a sissy compared to black hair.

Anonymous said...

Dear pansy
I am happy that you have made it through march and are in a better shape again.
I voted for having your head shaved, but not because I want you to wear a wig. As I have earlier indicated I would like to see your bald head in a transparent plastic baby bonnet, preferably in the same nursery print style I soon hope to see with your plastic pants,
The adult clothes in your last pictures look ridiculous on you and are quite unsuitable for sissybaby pansy.

Anonymous said...

now come on pamper fag, just relize when things get rough, and you get down..thats your a fucking diaper wearing sissy loser and you deserve every piece of hardship you get..and inreurn, you're a 'role model' to a generation of fake men who realy belong in diapers and dresses just like you. it's men like us who make the normal sissy and diaper boys roll their eyes and claim we're ruining it, when you and me know we're just taking it to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? There's very few ways to make this fat sissy look like more of a loser. I understand that the sissy got hurt for a while and their was some stuff that happened to its master, but this fat fairy really needs to get back on top of things. It hasn't updated it's social parody page in forever, it hasn't posted on image fap in a while, it hasn't made any galleries for the slut master recently, and it has been grossly deficient in responding to all of the nice comments that others have made about it's dumb sissy ass. Get back on all of these things you are supposed to be the biggest sissy online and I think that you've earned a very harsh punishment for falling off of this.

pansy_Faggotte said...

Too Who cares ,,,, yes, this sissy has been exteremely slack in its posting...(maybe could have posted lots of already seen pics) on social parody (which is honestly, terrible....and this is NOT a sissy excuse), and ImageFap.

Plenty of new pics to be posted this week (PROMISE!), that will be worth the wait

Too Yami, thank you for thinking this sissy is some kind of "role-model", this sissy KNOWS that it has failed recently, and submissively awaits any punishment due it.

Too Angel, this sissy Loser just luvs to read your constant comments

Too dino, the hair colour is still up in the air.....stay tuned

~~~ pansy F ~~~~

Anonymous said...

Yes faggot, post the already seen photos, most of them have been lost by this point. But anyway just get back to work!