Monday, March 23, 2009

13 reasons pansy is a Total Sissy

pansy Faggotte is a Total sissy fairy because......

he is physically weak and mentally weak

he has no skills, or job talents

he is easily manipulated, and has no will of his own

he has allowed himself to be turned from a passable TS, to a flaming sissy queer transvestite

he is now completely and totally 100% incontenent

he must refer to himself in the 3rd person at all times

he has talked with a lisp for over 3 years, and cannot talk like a normal person

he is addicted to pornography and masterbation

he dreams of being age regressed to a 4 year old permanently

he is not allowed to make friends without his Masters approval

he must always be dressed in miniskirts and heels, and is not allowed to dress like a "real" Female would

he begged his parents and siblings to disown him, he has no family relations

he knows he will be a sissy slave to MALES for the rest of his life

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sissy Humiliated in a public park

sissy Male 'pansy Faggotte', is taken by his owner - Superior male, "Master AL John", out to a public park, that is a known cruising hangout for Homosexuals and Sexual Deviants. One picture shows the fairy tied to a tree limb, with his hands above his head, and his ankles firmly secured, the other pictures shows the sissy secured to a chair, tied, handcuffed, and ball gagged. the sissy is a prime target for sexual abuse. Master AL John has still NOT decided on pansy's future. A Future may include forced and permanent age regression to a 3 year old, or maybe being able to keep living as a sissy slave, whatever happens, pansys' life will continue to be one of TOTAL 100% Humiliation and Degradation.