Tuesday, March 26, 2013

pansy IS! a Diapered Maid Slave

Maid Service is a Major Part of pansy's permanent Slavery, although the sissy does have 2 Maids Uniforms, Master AL John likes to see HIS property in other outfits while doing its chores.  

pansy's only real purpose in life is to be of service to his Superiors, the sissy is NOT permitted any pleasure (except reading and waching sissy porn), or happiness. Master AL John wants every moment of pansy's life to be as miserable as possible for him, and Remember, pansy BEGGED for this lifestyle several years ago. 
Can Anyone look at this picture and think of what MAJOR PART of his now Totally Juvenile Lifestyle, the retard has forgotten ?? 
Yes, his Pacifier  !!!    Tonite, Master AJ will keep all 4 of the sissy's pacifiers in a piss bucket, hopefully the taste will linger on them for days. pansy is just so fucking STUPID !!   
While waiting for the laundry, pansy continues its chores, pansy has a very detailed list of things he MUST do, all perfectly and WITHOUT question. pansy is such an idiot, as he still sometimes thinks that someone really gives a shit what he says, feels or thinks. 
Hanging laundry with an exposed diaper would be very humiliating for ANYONE ! However, pansy has no choice in what he is told to do, he KNOWS he is Inferior, he KNOWS he is nothing more than property, and he KNOWS that this life is permanent for him.
With his diaper fully on display, pansy enjoys a much needed wetting. Now, GET BACK to your chores , you Ridiculous diaper wearing sissy !!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Outside with pansy ~~

the sissy is wearing the 3rd of his 3 new dresses, hopefully all of them add to his sissyness and juvenileness
These 2 pics show close ups of the sissy hair (which is real, no wig) and make-up. Isn't Master AL John nice to allow pansy to take a picture with nothing in its mouth....the sissy is usually NOT permitted to have his mouth unoccupied, It must always have either a pacifer, bottle, ball gag, or cock 
pansy takes us for a stroll around his Masters property, and it is a perfect way for pansy to show off his new dress and diapers, the sissy must always walk in the most swishy, faggotty way possible

pansy is so happy that everyone gets a chance to see his new dress, the sissy isn't in a curtsey yet, so he must not need to wet his diapers. Lets continue.... 

Here the sissy poses by the car that used to be his, (when he had a liscense and was permitted to drive)

The sissy hangs its head submissively, knowing full well that he has had every aspect of adult life taken away from him, never to return.

The sissy dutifully checks the mail for his Master, this is a commen sight for the neighbors, they seem to have gotten used to seeing the 5'9", 185 lb sissy in little girl clothing and diapers, out and about  

Finally !!.... pansy lets loose a stream of hot wee wee into his eagerly awaiting diaper. Just imagine how hard YOU would laugh if you saw this pathetic site in your neighborhood

his diapers do indeed look very full, but no matter, pansy will have to do 2 more wettings before he can begs to be changed, (and he is usually leaking by then !!)

Thanks to everyone that reads this post and this sissy's Blog.

And as Usual, Please feel free to copy, caption, repost, or re-distribute any picture of the sissy to any website.