Friday, March 8, 2013

Outside with pansy ~~

the sissy is wearing the 3rd of his 3 new dresses, hopefully all of them add to his sissyness and juvenileness
These 2 pics show close ups of the sissy hair (which is real, no wig) and make-up. Isn't Master AL John nice to allow pansy to take a picture with nothing in its mouth....the sissy is usually NOT permitted to have his mouth unoccupied, It must always have either a pacifer, bottle, ball gag, or cock 
pansy takes us for a stroll around his Masters property, and it is a perfect way for pansy to show off his new dress and diapers, the sissy must always walk in the most swishy, faggotty way possible

pansy is so happy that everyone gets a chance to see his new dress, the sissy isn't in a curtsey yet, so he must not need to wet his diapers. Lets continue.... 

Here the sissy poses by the car that used to be his, (when he had a liscense and was permitted to drive)

The sissy hangs its head submissively, knowing full well that he has had every aspect of adult life taken away from him, never to return.

The sissy dutifully checks the mail for his Master, this is a commen sight for the neighbors, they seem to have gotten used to seeing the 5'9", 185 lb sissy in little girl clothing and diapers, out and about  

Finally !!.... pansy lets loose a stream of hot wee wee into his eagerly awaiting diaper. Just imagine how hard YOU would laugh if you saw this pathetic site in your neighborhood

his diapers do indeed look very full, but no matter, pansy will have to do 2 more wettings before he can begs to be changed, (and he is usually leaking by then !!)

Thanks to everyone that reads this post and this sissy's Blog.

And as Usual, Please feel free to copy, caption, repost, or re-distribute any picture of the sissy to any website. 


Sissy Kara said...

Very nice pictures! How I wish I were made to be a sissy... 27 is too young to become a permanent sissy it seems. :(
Would love to see Pansy bound helplessly in a cute sissy dress and panties, with no diaper on... forced to shamefully wet her panties all day. Better yet, videoing the sissy during the act and posting it for all to see and laugh at! ...Though I may dream myself doing it... Perhaps I'm more a sissy than Pansy... :/

Have fun Pansy! :3

Anonymous said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

Pretty plastic panties and a more hemmed up dress to show them off is what I would like to see. The bigger the sissybaby, the shorter the dress you know!

You do look cute though :-)



Anonymous said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

Oh I do love the pix of you being outside getting the mail! Drag me along and maybe you get more attention too! *grin* It looks like there would be no shortage of being out in public as a sissybaby at Master AJ's place...



mrslickiv6 said...

In first photo Sissy Pansy needs to be riding her rocking hobble horse. Chairs are for adults. Hope she has a happy wet diaper day!!!

pansy_Faggotte said...

thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments !! ~~ pansy

Anonymous said...

you are such a useless,pant wetting sissy pig, so why do i long to be just like you ?.