Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A New sissy pansy Adventure ~~ A Scared Sissy !!

Here is another one of  his new dresses, this dress is a pretty pink one suites is babified lifestyle perfectly. 

One of the sissy's MANY daily chores is to feed the Stray Cats that live outside in Master AL Johns' Backyard. The sissy is very afraid of the cats, as they all hiss at him, and this makes him very scared. 

Imagine, a 52 year old sissy male being scared of a pussy cat, but then again, this is 'pansy', he is also afraid of Thunder/Lightning, going into a dark room alone /opening a dark closet, and riding in the front seat of a vehicle. 

Its hard to tell, but the sissy is almost crying while feeding this cat, also...aren't his diapers and plastic pants on a nice display !!

Fortunately, there are NO cats at these two food bowls to scare him, however...pansy soon finds out that he will become scared of more than a few pussy cats in a few minutes

Finally, the sissy is allowed to do the only thing that gives him any kind of pleasure....Wetting his Diaper !!... Fill it up sissy  !!.

Master AL John than informs pansy that while HE is gone, pansy will have to go back into the woods behind his house. The outskirts of which is a park that is frequented by Homeless Men. Now pansy should be very afraid, as a few of these Homeless Perverts have previously Molested and Abused him.. (No Rape, however), but just kissing him with thier dirty scuzzy mouths, making pansy suck thier unwashed (for months) cocks, and accepting and being covered in thier Piss and Sperm.  
You can certainly tell that pansy is SCARED Now!! Hopefully the Homeless Perverts will not be there, however pansy is to wait there for quite some time. 
pansy sits and waits and hopes that he will not becoming the victim of the Perverse Pleasure of Homeless Perverts. Master AL John tells him to get on his knees, and display his diapered cunt-butt  

Just before Master AJ Leaves, HE tells the pathetic fairy that he can hide in an old, dirty, abandond fridge. Don't worry, if the Homeless Men Return, they will assurdedly see the scared diapered sissy, and They WILL NO Doubt enjoys using him for some disgusting sexual activity. 

---------2 Hours Later, Master Returns and HIS sissy slave is asleep in the old fridge, HE wakes the pathetic fairy up and allows him to come in Masters' House.

One last picture of the sissy for today, he has spent a long and scary day in Master's Backyard...the sissy will now doubt be more than happy to get back to his little room, change into a dry diaper, baby nitegown, and get ready for his 7pm bedtime............  

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