Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Newest sissy Humiliation - (sorry for the delay!)

The Diapered sissypig so enjoys the feeling of his wet diaper. Even with that, pansy asked his Master if he could return to being a passable TS Girl, Master AL John responded with a firm "NO!!!, you diapered faggot, Did you not BEG me you turn you into a sissy, you BEGGED to wear diapers, and be treated like a little girl"..."Yeth Mathter", the sissy lisped. "Well pansy, YOU WILL BE Diapered and be Forced to wear Juvenile clothing for the rest of your life!".    
"Now, hold that sign so that everyone can read it clear" He added
"Go outside, you stupid sissy until I leave for the shop, don't you EVER ask Me to treat you like a Grown up ever again!!"... The teary-eyed sissy sniffled a "yeth, Mathter", and he went out into the backyard to play with the stray cats. 
An hour later, you can tell that his diaper is completely full....(6 bottles of SIMILAC formula will do that!). Upon Leaving, Master AL John instructs the sissy to remove his wet diaper....

....and to display his soaked diaper, his tiny laughable dicklette, and an open shot of his fat sissy ass and his sissy cunt.

"pansy, you can go inside, however you may not be permitted freah diapers, your tiny dicklette will be on display for the rest of the day."...."And, by the way" Master AL John continues "My Mother is coming over to drop off some things and 3 new Little Girl dresses for you, you know how much She DESPISES you, but you are to thank HER, and ask Her to Smack your face and kick your tiny dicklette THAT Understood, Stupid !!"  
"yes, Mathter", the pathetic sissy responds, fully knowing that he has NO SAY in how he is treated, abused, and ridiculed.
And to think....this sissy wants to be able to back to be a passable TS Girl....NO Chance of that Happening !!!

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Anonymous said...

I should have thought that letting pansy inside the house without its plastic protection would soon result in a puddle on the floor or wet furniture. But it would be nice to see its punishment for that!
And can we have pictures of pansy in the new dresses Master Al's mother brought it?