Sunday, August 9, 2009

a sissified male dressed as an adult little girl

It seems that the older pansy gets, the SISSIER he gets! Master AL John has really taking a liking to have His feminized fairy slave dress in adult little girl and juvenile outfits. his pink dress with pink petticoat, pink stockings and pink sissy hat, make him look so TOTALLY FAIRY !A
And add to his sissyness, that he MUST suck a pacifier 24/7, and EVERY single drink pansy consumes MUST be from a baby bottle
However Master AJ no longer permits pansy to wear diapers, too bad, as he is 100% Completely Incontenent

By lifting his dress and petticoats, you can see pansy is without diapers, as his tiny sissy dicklette makes a tiny poke in his panties. Pathetic pansy has BEGGED Master AL John to put him back in diapers, however He just laughs and watches as pansy wets himself (of course the sissy is Strictly PROHIBITED from using the toilet to make wee-wee)