Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poor, Poor Pathetic pansy

Pathetic sissy male wears a new dress that his Master "Superior Male Master AL John", allowed the fairy to buy at the local Salvation Army thrift store, although the dress is pretty and very juvenile looking, There is NO DOUBT that pansy will have to shorten them hem by at least 4 inches.
pansy is NEVER permitted to wear a dress so long. Master AJ has not punished him yet, but the next time he wears it, the dress had BETTER be MUCH Shorter!

The sissy is not permitted to make cream in his panties unless he is drinking from his bottle, todays' mixture is one of apple juice and his Masters' piss.
Pansy is also permanently incontenent, and Master AJ refuses to let His sissy slave wear diapers( except on rare occasions, like, when he rides in Masters van). When pansy does ride in the van, he is ordered to kneel on all fours in the back, as his Owner hold a dog leash chained around his neck

These last pictures show that the feminized fairy has COMPLETELY soaked his panties, knee socks and mary jane shoes. pansy must stay in his pee soaked garments until his Master comes home from His job, and depending on the quality of the blowjob he gives Master AJ, that decides whether he can replace them or not. When pansy is allowed to wear dry panties, he is allowed to sleep on the floor next to Masters bed, (never in the bed, as pansy will certainly wet it), on a thick soaker pad. If pansy is forced to keep his pee pee soaked clothing on, he sleeps locked in a tiny room at the other end of the house.
Such is the life of a pathetic, incontenent, 48 year old, feminized sissy male

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Future of his Babification

Sissy Male pansy dressed in latest "Little Girl Outfit", If you follow pansy FLICKER account, You know that he IS NOT Permitted to dress/act/ or refer to himself as an Adult. Master AL John HAS DECIDED that His sissy slave will live the rest of its life as a 3 year old

In this Outfit, you can see that pansy is in a cute white sweater,
and OF Course, he has his pacifer firmly in place

In his yellow Dress, pansy Desperately tries to Remember what his life was like when he was a Passable TS, however due to Master AJ HYPNOTIC and MIND CONTROL Tapes, poor pathetic pansy can (And for the rest of his life, will) only think of himself as a sissy Male I
Isn't his new lifestyle best suited for him ???
Face it, Once Master AJ decided to permanently Transform him from Passable TS to sissified male, pansy WANTED to have his mind wiped clear of all TS/TV feelings, the only thing that the sissy wants to feel is HUMILIATION, DEGRADATION, and, RIDICULE

pansy CAN only make cream in his panties whilst sucking on a pacifier and/or drinking from his bottle
Stay tuned for pictures of pansy in his Juvenile outfits in Public -- Very Soon !!