Thursday, April 4, 2013

New sissy pig pictures

Lets ALL have FUN Laughing at pansy and his new pcitures dressed as pig #327. Master AL John has told pansy he is to be pig #327 for the entire Easter Weekend, and even glued the pig nose onto the sissy's face. 

Master AL John also has the pig in a pink dress that is 3 sizes to small for him. notice how it makes the sissy look even fatter and more ridiculous. Say hello to everyone pansy --- They are Laughing at YOU !! 

Just like a REAL PIG, sissy pig #327 roots around the backyard eating grass and grubs, and just like a real pig, sissy pig #327 has fat meaty thighs. Does Master AL John have any Dolcett type plans for His sissy ?? 

the sissy pig is definately FAT!

 The sissy pig enjoys a few last weeds and grass, before it is allowed into Masters house to continue its feeding, Master no doubts seems to want to fatten the pig up  !!
Not permitted to act or speak like a human the entire weekend, the pig grunts as it is feed some canned Cat Food.

Make sure to eat all of your cat food, sissy pig #327, you will be let out tmrw morning to feast on some more yummy grass. 

and just like any other animal, sissy pig #327 is relagated to using a litter box for his toilet needs  

 the sissy has no shame in how low it is forced to sink to humiliate itself for the amusement and laughter of its Superiors, (which is EVERYONE !!)

Thank you sissy pig #327 for Exposing yourself as one of the most Degraded and Humiliated sissy's on the Internet