Friday, March 23, 2012

March 2012 Cannot End Soon Enough !

Once in a While, Everyone seems to go through a stretch where every possible bad things happens within a relatively short period of time

pansy sprains his ankle and hurts his knee slipping a wet spot on the floor, his sprained ankle his now okay, however his knee has a deep knee bruise, and even walking in heels for 10-15 minutes causes the sissy some unwanted pain.

Master AJ's Brothers' Wife succumbs to cancer, (although this was somewhat expected, it is still tragic)

Master AJ's Truck Shop is Vandalized

pansy loses everything on his PC as it takes a fatal crashing, 5 years of pictures, videos and text are wiped out, (although most are backed up on disc, alot - was still not).

To make matters worse, there are still 8 more days left in this month
Here is a video of pansy doing his chores, (just a few days before his fall), that fortunately was still on Master AJ's computer. Once again, please excuse the poor quality of the video.    


Anonymous said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

Clumsy moves happen to me too sweetums. I'm so sorry you are hurting and also that Master AJ's shop was damaged. However I do love the video showing your chains and ballgag!

Right about now it looks like Master AJ and you could have used me as the backup maid. I'll make sure your pillow is fluffed my dear Pansy! *smile*



Anonymous said...

when sissies healthy enough again, how about a week where all of this faggot's dinner's hafta be put in her diaper a half hour before she eats them. The diaper she's still wearing of course. Then she must eat her meal straight out of her wet/messy/cummy diaper.

Anonymous said...

I hope some new updates are coming soon, and I hope that the faggot is still a part of TSM training program. I also think that the worthless faggot should be tattooed. And I don't think it should be something mundane like a symbol of its slavehood. I think that the faggot should have humiliating words marked on it's body permanently. And I think that the perfect tattoo would simply be the word worthless tattooed over it's sissy clit.