Monday, March 19, 2012

sissy male SLAVE !

pansy Faggotte (yes!, his REAL Legal Name), is a slave. The sissy KNOWS that he has NO Rights, NO Opinions, and NO Thoughts other than those that he is TOLD to have!
his Owner, has decided that pansy will kept in his leg chains and wrist chains pretty much 24/7 now, as pansy will never again know freedom, and its not like he deserves any type of freedom, he is just SO-O Inferior to everyone else !!

And of course he is in Diapers. Using the toilet is a privelage, sissy male slaves like pansy are not given such a privelage, he is ALWAYS in diapers, and will be for as long as he is alive. 

the sissy's Owner, Superior Male, Master AL Johns displays His complete ownership of His property. pansy is NOT a person, he is the property of his Master.
"Once again, you stupid fucking piece of shit, you forgot to take out the Garbage" He tells the sissy. pansy cannot answer, however, it knows it will be punished. 
"Maybe, I should just throw you out with the garbage as well!" He adds

Even after covering his slave with a gabage bag, restricting his breathing by tying a rope around the bag and his neck, Master AL Johns demonstrates His COMPLETE Domination of the sissy.
'Why doesn't pansy rebel or stand up for himself?'
'Why doesn't pansy say "i don't want to a sissy slave or i don't want to be kept in diapers?'
simple :

pansy is a slave, he was always meant to be a slave, and will always be a slave.
End of discussion

*************** These pics were taken 2 days before the sissy sprained his ankle and hurt his knee, the sissy is now fine and will be taking new pictures this week, and Master is always looking for new picture requests, - pansy 'STILL' has to do a photo shoot for his on-line Master "TheSlutMaker" - look for that soon on ImageFap   ********** 


Anonymous said...

Dear pansy
Nice to hear your ankle is mending and you'll be able to continue your full time sissy servitude. I think your Master is right to keep you in chains 24/7, they are as much a part of you as your eteensä diapers.
But what happened to your promise of a new potty-chair? We would all love to see pictures of you straining on your potty. And did you get new nursery print plastic panties? They would be very suitable for a sissybaby like you.

Anonymous said...

I think that the sissy should be made to do a picture set with something burning it's cunt, some hot sauce on a butt plug, something to truly make it suffer.

Anonymous said...

would love to see pansy made to wet a diaper, then cum into it. have the diaper removed and pansy bent over on all fours face down in the diaper then spanked, and paddled til master think she's had enough (tears and bruising seem like enough right?) all the while pansy should be sucking up as much of her pee and cum as she can. if it's enough is up tp her master of course

pansy_Faggotte said...

Angel - Master hasn't forgot about the potty chair, this sissy is of course in no position to make excuses for Him, however, He always seems to have something else to do, as he wants to build it Himself.

The other 2 comments are great suggestions, Master AJ has taken photos of this sissy spanked and then its red ass covered in Ben-Gay, and spanked again, (and yes...that does HURT!), as soon as this sissy can walk a little better pics will be made with a ben-gay dildo, hot sauce dildo or maybe even just a chili pepper shoved into its sissy cunt, and will also takes pics sucking its own pee pee and sissy cream from a diaper while being spanked.

Thank you for the wonderful ideas to add to this sissy's humiliation ~~ pansy