Saturday, September 22, 2012

PIG #327 Humiliation Captions

Imagine....Being FORCED to Create and Posts these captions, and then suffer the Humiliation and Degradation of EVERYONE Knowing Exactly what you are !!!
PIG #327 knows no other life except Humiliation and Slavery !!


Jess said...

Just so you know Pansy...or should we call you 'Tiny Tit Tramp' were displayed again during our party on Saturday. Your ridiculous captioned pics were the hit!!! Have you seen your blog yet???? It's already got 700 hits and over 100 comments. Masturbate to THAT, bitch!!!! Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

pansy_Faggotte said...

Dear Princess Jess, may this sissy please know the BLOG address is ??

Ali said...

Wouldn't you just love to know, hmmmmmm??? Maybe you've googled it already, but I can tell you that you won't have much luck finding it. I changed your name, and I decided not to put a link to your own blog in it, so you won't find it that way either. I mainly focused on posting the photos you made for US, and a few of the ones on The one of you with Mikaela's name written on your shaved dicklet has gotten the most response. People are finding that hilarious!! I know you're a sissy faggot, but so far we've really only shared the link with other women. I'm afraid that some of the comments might upset you.

So, just how badly do you need to see our blog about you, you stupid old used-up flabby-titted whore?????? Enough to obey our orders for new photos and post them on your blog for us to grab??? Hmmmmm sissy??? I've had special requests from some of our girlfriends. If you truly want to be a helplessly humiliated old cunt, knowing that gorgeous young princesses are laughing hysterically at your pathetic condition, BEG me on your blog to ask for photo orders to be completed over the weekend. We're having a ton of fun exposing you, and you can participate if you want. Otherwise, just sit there and surf for porn and desperately try to find my blog and jerk off at the knowledge that you're being displayed and laughed at just how you have always BEGGED to be!!!!

You're a STAR in our little college party circuit pansy!!!! A ridiculous and laughably pathetic star, but that was what you wanted, no??

Now don't just sit there and jerk off to my comment. I ORDER you...WE order post a begging essay to your blog asking for our friends' photo requests. And expect to be utterly humiliated and degraded trying to meet them this weekend. It's up to you now. I've done my part, but unless you act like the helpless obedient old sissy slut fool you claim to be, we're keeping the blog amongst ourselves and our friends.

Just so you know, things do link out, and we've already had 3 absolutely pathetic requests from other submissive male sissies to be featured on my blog. One guy even sent us photos that he wants us to post on dyktp!!! Creeped me out, but fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!