Monday, September 3, 2012

AL John - Haven't Posted in a While

I just got back from New Orleans helping out FEMA and the Tropical Storm situation there, so pansy hasn't beem able to post anything lately as she is only allowed computer time that I can monitor.

In response to the questions in the last post, where, (I think the authors name is Angel), rasied several issues

I haven't been able to get pansy's teeth removed as I had to take her off my health insurance policy. The insurance on my business has tripled (3X  !!) over the last 2 years...seemingly for no reason, (well, just that Florida is one of the most corrupt states in the country!)

I can't have pansy be bald either, has I have had to let her have a part time job to make ends meet, (until we move out FLA...sometime early next year). When she wants to she can pass as a F very well, as seen in the pics below (taken at my business)

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Don't see any pics.