Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Message to Master AL John ~~

Dear Master Al

I have for some years every now and then written to pansy and made some comments on pansy's blog, as you have seen, and I am very happy to see that some of my proposals have been put to use. Now that I have the opportunity to address the pansy's Master directly I will take up a few items.

I was very satisfied to read that you had at some point indicated that pansy would have all its teeth removed and that you had already found where to have this done and set a preliminary date for the operation,. I was then disappointed to see that this has been put off indefinitely. I hope tht this plan has not been abonded, as I think it is perhaps the single most effective measure to make pansy's sissybaby status permanent and irrevocable. It would make mushed baby food a necessity at all times, and it would surely enhance its

cock-sucking capability. -

It is obvious that pansy loves to suck cock and would in due course come to appreciate the operation. And while pansy might not be too enthusiastic initially - something a few sound spankings should rectify - I am sure that there also ladies that would enjoy beeing served by its toothless gums and tongue. ( Maybe this could also be enhanced with a barbell on its tongue!)

Another item I have raised with pansy has been its hair. I have suggested that its head should be shaved bald to give it a real sissybaby - or sissy pig ! - look and be kept covered with a tranparent plastic baby bonnet. I dont know if pansy has put this proposal forward for your consideration or not, but according to pansy you have rejected it. If so, so be it, although you might still reconsider this as I suspect pansy really dreads this humiliation, which of course a good reason to impose it.

Of course even with its

head shaved pansy could still have a wig to wear when this suits you. (And, btw, a toothless sissy can also have be given a cheap pair of rubber dentures to put in its mouth when needed).

The third item I wanted to take up is chastity for the sissybaby, which I understand has been mentioned

by others as well. It looks so improper for a sissybaby (or sissy pig) to engage in masturbation several times a day, when controlling a sissys clit is an essential part of any sissybabys life. Is it true that pansy has been locked in chastity, but that its clitty was too small for the device to stay on? I'm sure secure chastity devices are available today to fit the smallest sissy clit. Having pansy in chastity does not, of course, prevent it from shedding its cum, but it would only take place with a controlled and humiliating

milking supervised by one its superiors. And the cum can be saved and served to pansy with its baby food.

The last item concerns pansy's pottytraining. I note that pansy has included som nice pictures of its pottytraining session in its blog. While this is a good humiliation for pansy it actually misses the point of pottytraing. It should not be anything like an exceptional event, but rather a part and parcel of a sissybabys everyday life.

Of course a sissy like pansy will always be a hopelessly incontinent and will need diapers for wetting protection 24/7. But even so with consistent training enforced with severe punishments it can be taughf to ask for the potty to do its number twos. I would start with having pansy squat on a babylike potty - although it might be a mite challanging to find a suitable potty for the fat sissy - for an hour each morning during which it has to do its poos in it. If pansy has not done so in an hour it should be given an enema or suppository to clean it. I predict it wont take long for pansy's bowel movements to

become regular.

And when it needs to do more poos later in the day it has always ask a superior for permission to take out its potty and sit on it in a place where its performance can be monitored.

An adult toilet must be strictly off-limits for pansy at home anywhere else - except of course for cleani g them as part of its normal chores.

Pottytraining will be a constant daily source of humiliation for the sissy and provide you and anyone in charge of pansy with limitless opportunities for discpline and punishment. And obviously this can included "special sessions" of the kind already documented in pictures.

Pansy already has an impressive wardrobe of pretty sissybaby dresses, but it can also be complemented especially with more nursery print plastic panties, bonnets and little dresses, and of course a pink plastic sheet for its cot or crib!

I am sorry for writing to you at such lenght, but it would

obviously be nice to have some comments from you, and to see if you want to take up any of the ideas.

I'm also looking forward to the day pansy will ne permanently locked into a pink pvc collar, suitable both for a sissybaby


Master AL John will add His Answers, and this sissy will add pictures in a few days...

3 comments: said...

These are all excellent ideas and I hope Master Al John agrees but it is of course his decision.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that the pansy should be locked in chastity.

Mikaela said...

We're still watching and laughing.