Friday, August 10, 2012

Follow Up from the Essay Assignment

All of th Goddesses's seem to be VERY dissapointed with this sissy and his ability to follow even the simpliest of orders, as well THEY should be.

sissy pig (#327) pansy owes its GODESSES'S and TORMENTORS  3 items

1st ~~ new pictures and some special ones for GODDESS Mikaela

Of course, his dress is so short that his diapers are showing, the sissy has absolutely no shame in letting the entire internet world know that he is happy that he is a sissy male that wears and wets diapers 

Goddess Mikaela ordered pansy to write HER Beautiful Name on its body and over its tiny dicklette. This was the third attempt to please Goddess Mikaela, (the other 2 where  not readable), this one is a little better, but his fat sissy stomach still covers up the "A" in HER Beautiful Name     

2nd ~~ A Request from Goddess Alicia (for HER upcoming Blog ??, hopefully ?)~~
     "This sissy's Essay post on  Aug 3 2012, was written entirely of this sissy's own free will, without any coercion by Goddess Alicia, Goddess Mikaela, Goddess Jessica, or Goddess Katie. This sissy BEGS The Goddessess to Humiliate, Degrade, and Expose this sissy however and wherever they see fit"

3rd ~~  Goddess Jessica instructed this sissy pansy pig to make a video of itself spanking itself and thanking the GODDESSES for allowing this sissy to spank itself for THEM. Had to do it on the WEBCAM... (it was raining all day today in the the Tampa Bay FL area, and Master AJ ran out of AA Batteries ~~ these are not excuses, GODDESSESS ~~ please, Believe this sissy !)



Goddess Jessa said...

OMG! You truly are a worthless, pathetic, disobedient little cuntdrip aren't you?????? I don't even know where to start in slapping you around over this. We honestly think you're being a disobedient moron just so we'll yell at you so you can get off on the humiliation. Is that what this is about for you, sissy? Deliberately making mistake after pathetic mistake so you can be verbally degraded by us and our friends for your own amusement?? HUH???

First of all, Mikaela is PISSED OFF!!! You were specifically told to write her name above your tiny limp sissy-clit, and post a photo showing it. So what do you do?? You write her name so big that it can't even be read entirely under your slut-fat, and you keep your worthless dicklet hidden under your diaper! She WANTED to see your useless, shriveled, shaved, emaciated, laughable clit-sized penis labeled with her name!!!

We're sexually free women. We like cocks. We admire big ones, especially when they're HARD. And we LAUGH at tiny ones like yours. That's one of our biggest amusements about you...the fact that in all of your pictures where you do actually expose it, it's so unbelievably small and NEVER hard!!! Yes, it's funny to see you so pathetic in your baby outfits and your piggy wear, but what our friends laughed most about at our party was how tiny your penis is compared to the rest of your big, flabby, sissified body! If Ali is going to publish her blog, we want to be able to post photos, taken for US, ridiculing your tiny thing.

Size DOES matter. Mikaela's sister dated a transexual gurl for over a year...awesome, funny, with fashion sense, a great cook. Worked during the week as a man as a financial advisor. Her makeup was always immaculate. Mik and I even got some tips from her that we never even knew about at one of her sister's parties a couple of years ago. She came dressed, and was obviously PROUD to be who she was. She had every reason to be. She brought the most awesome perogies I've ever tasted, and circulated around flirting with guys and girls like the most confident person in the world. Mikaela's sister never 'dommed' her or anything, but Mik and I did see her dick once. You don't deserve to know the details. But OMG it was BEAUTIFUL! Hard, thick, and veined like I've never seen before or since on a man. I would have sucked it myself!!!

Goddess Jessa said...

But you, you are just a hilarious excuse for a gurl like that. Made to wear hideous sissy makeup. Made to wear baby clothes and suck on baby bottles and pee in diapers. Begging to be abused and humiliated and ridiculed constantly by powerful pretty girls. And you SHOULD be! That's why Mikaela wanted her photo of her name over your tiny exposed sissy-clit.

But you can't obey orders, can you? Do you even read them when we give them? Your video for us was funny, and yes, Ali thinks she can use it. But just to remind you, here were your instructions for it:

"We want you to make a video of you spanking your sissy ass for us, preferably outside somewhere out in the open, and post it to your blog. Two VERY hard spanks on each buttock for all of us. Say in your sissiest lispy voice "Faw Goddeth Alitha"...spank spank on one cheek, spank spank on the other". Then "Faw Goddeth Mikawa"...spank spank on one cheek, spank spank on the other. And so on. Understand??"

Did we not make it clear it enough? We ordered two VERY hard spanks on BOTH cheeks for each of us. All you did was two little taps on ONE cheek for each of us! Your 'sithy lithp' was good, ROFL, but the assignment was intended as punishment. You should have slapped your worthless pussy ass HARD, twice on BOTH cheeks for each of us, so that you trembled and whimpered in your hilarious lispy voice as you thanked us.

To make amends, we want you naked for the rest of the weekend. You may wear only your pathetic makeup, high heels, frilly sissy socks, a maid cap, and maid gloves. TOTALLY naked everywhere else. DO YOU UNDERSTAND????? No diaper! If you need to pee, you do it on cam, squatting with your clit and balls dangling into a bucket, and POST IT to us! UNDERSTOOD??? When that bucket is full, you will go outside, way out in the open so you can be seen, still naked, and get on cam. You will first put your face in it, blow bubbles, and try to say "thank You Goddesses" over and over while you keep blowing bubbles in your own piss. You will then stand, and curtsey to us naked, and pour the bucketful of piss over your head, again on cam. Then stand with your hands on your head and shake your little dicklet around as hard as you can...make it swing as much as such a tiny thing possibly could, and repeat "Thank You Goddesses" 10 times. We want you to make us giggle at you trying to swing and pump your hips making that dicklet bounce! All on cam, to post to us on Your blog.

IS THAT UNDERSTOOD, Pansy Fagotte??? Ali is standing behind me right now giggling her little ass off at what I just wrote. She says "YES, DO IT!" LOL she wants you to slap your face too. And then hold up your dicklet for Mikaela with the remnants of her name still above it, and bring it right up to the cam as a grand finale.

Mik is out until tomorrow, but she was totally pissed. You can make it up to her. I won't tell you what she was going to do for you yet if you had properly done what she'd said. But you'll DIE for it, no doubt.

Ali's away too, but she saw your post before I did, and texted me last night to say to fuck with you, and unless you get your shit together and start obeying orders properly there will be no blog.

We do enjoy humiliating you, stupid cuntdrip, but we expect to be worshiped properly, with instructions followed to the 't'. No selfish bullshit. We appreciate your situation, and our orders will take all of your disgusting little fetishes and weaknesses into consideration. But we do not and WILL NOT waste any more of our time correcting you constantly for your stupid disobedience.

If you were here right now, I'd make you kneel in front of me and stare drooling at my panty crotch, and hold your cock and balls out for me to SPIT all over. You pathetic, bumbling, worthless cuntface!!

Mikaela said...

Jess pretty much summed it up. I want to see your tiny shaved dicklet you worthless sissy pervert! I want to see it exposed & flaccid in all its tiny sissy worthlessness, close up. I want to laugh at it, while you kneel and grovel and lick the floor imagining that I have stepped there.

After you're done with Jessica's orders, paint your dick from base to tip bright red with fingernail polish or lipstick. And paint your balls in blue. Make sure it is limp & small, and post photos showing your olympic patriotism for me for Ali to use on her blog!!! And hold up a sign saying 'I wish The Goddesses would kick my balls'.

Fuck you pissed me off. Amuse me now or I'm done with your pathetic attempts. You don't deserve to wear my name on your body.

Anonymous said...

Ladies this is about all you can really expect from the faggot. It has a brain as small as it's limp clit.

Al John said...

Just read all the comments, after I saw pansy crying Sunday nite. She was saying how she messed up and the Goddessess are mad. I then reread your instruction, and yes, pansy did not do them right and will do them again. However Jessa your orders cannot be met as there is no way to operate the cam outside. I got batteries from the camera, so she can make with camera, but it has no sound. If you want it on cam w/ sound, it will have to be inside, but lower picture quality and limited space. Mikaela, your request will be easier for her to do, and will see that it is done by tuesday.

In Feb., pansy was taking orders from someone on ImageFap called "TheSlut_Maker". At first it was okay, but then He started to get to extreme. (ex) - He wanted pansy to shit into a bucket, save it for 3 days and then give herself an enema with it. (Gross and Unsafe). (ex) - He wanted pansy burn her nipples live on some bondage websight. All in all, your ideas aren't way over the top, however if the are, I will stop her from doing them, OK. Lastly, I will try to make sure pansy does her orders correctly, however I do have a business to run, and cannot be overseeing every attempt at your tasks, I just know that pansy is trying, and like I said was crying last nite. I guess afraid that you all would stop talking to her, and not make that other Blog?. Make it or not, doesn't matter to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Al and pansy
I hope you havent found my comments and proposals (also in Master Al's email) extreme or improper. All of them have been made with the aim of making pansy's life even more sissybabyish and humiliating in the way she needs and craves, even if some of them will make her cry. I'd love to see your comments on them so I could come up with the kind of proposals you can best implement.

AL John said...

Actually, NO recent comments have been extreme or improper. Its seems that my last comment may have been misunderstood by everyone that enjoys posting here, looking at pansy's pictures, and having fun at his expense.


Jessa said...

Don't worry pansy. We're not 'angry' that you seem to have trouble following orders. We find your pathetic attempts at humiliating yourself for us very amusing. If we go 'over the top' in teasing you about it, DO enjoy being humiliated, don't you??

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with Al here, ladies either make another blog for pansy or don't and stop wasting everyones time. I enjoy your humiliation of pansy, but I enjoy master Al's just as much so I won't miss you if you leave. So either shit or get off the pot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Goddesses...

i write this email in all sincerity as it cannot help but feel bad for pansy everytime it displeases any of You.

Please be patient with Pansy because as a Real Life Owned & Dominanted piece of property such sissies rarely have moments to themselves, as their days (everyday) usually fully revolve around ReaL Life service which can be very, very, very time consuming, tiring & ultimately is a sissies number 1 priority whether it wants it to be or not.

i read in a previous post that atleast one of You have read over its whole/ all its blog/'s and within that You likely also came across how it had been legally classed as a mentally incapable dependent (or something to that affect) to Master Al John...
But whether pansy was just an act for the Doctors & Legal Courts or not, the fact that it has been in such a role for so many years it's intelligence has likely dwindled because it lives as a menial servant & lisping diaper wetting sissy 24/7...

i only mention that, as pansy might find Your order's easier to follow & understand if You was to right them out in bullet points, that way its dumb sissy brain doesn't get too confused by all the grown up words & orders spread over several paragraphs.

i hope You all keep up Your wonderful teasing & humiliations of pansy & that You all have a lovely weekend.


sissy barbie

Jessa said...

To anonymous 1 (August 18, 2012 12:13 AM)...we've shit, and it has been Pansy who has 'got off the pot'. We've been honest. Katie has tried to talk to 'boost' him, I've tried to torment him the way he said he wanted to be tormented, Mik's done a ton of shit the same way, Ali's spent a lot of time compiling things for her blog...and asked for some things, yes, but only to cover her and our asses. When Di left she kinda told us we were messing with a bad scene. Maybe she was right. It's been fun, but we have better things to do than deal with sissy grief. If you are actually following Pansy's blog, read what he/she/it has asked for, long before we stumbled onto this blog, and ever since. Did we go out of bounds of anything that was made clear by Pansy itself? Or Master Al??

Jessa said...

To anonymous 2...sissy Barbie (August 18, 2012 9:03 PM):

We know about Pansy's history. We balked, if you'd read deeper, about our concerns whether it was that his mental incapacity was being taken advantage of by Master Al, and in his writings in this blog. That's why Katie is not so cool with things, and also why Di decided to bow out after she moved in with her boyfriend. I actually came to the blog tonight to introduce our new housemate to Pansy. I think now I'd not better do so.

Jessa said...

To Pansy:

We've had a lot of fun getting to know you a bit, and laughing at your antics. We wish you the best. But we're done with the drama. I am at least. Our new school year starts in 2 weeks. A big one for all of us. Shit to get together way beyond this. To Master Al, we hope you have been honest with us along the way, and enjoy your pansy faggotte.

pansy_Faggotte said...

This sissy is sorry that you have given up on reading its BLOG. Good Luck in School. Sorry for any Drama that any of you may have felt was pointed your way.

Some people just take things way to serious, and what was fun turns into mess. Again, Good Luck with School. This sissy will bid farewell to all with you with these Last Words

"The Truth is Nothing but an Excuse for a Lack of Imigination"

~~ pansy ~~