Monday, July 19, 2010

sissy pansy's 2nd visit to the Pysch Dr

As mentioned in the previous post, Dr McMicheal told the fairy to show up at the appointment Friday 16 July in a baby girl outfit, as you can see, pansy has everything that he will need for the day, his pacifier, bottle, his new dolly and a carry bag with an extra bottle, two jars of Gerbers, his dish and spoon. the sissy will no longer be allowed to carry a purse, (that's something that a grown up does), have house keys or have anything that will remind him of his former adult life.
So at the Dr.'s office, it was apparent that the staff had been told about how pansy would be dressed that day, however there was still many laughs and chuckles to be heard. One of the Office Girls did in fact bring a bottle for the sissy, (although, She didn't feed him). After spending more than half an hour going over the test results and asking the sissy more questions. He deemed that in fact, pansy IS No longer capable of living as a adult, however He did inform Al John and His property that a last visit to a Dr that deals in sexuality disorders would be required before Dr McMicheal signs the papers for Al John legal guardianship. He explained the reason for this was just to have a second opinion that this was not just a fantasy for pansy, but a true honest-to-goodness lifestyle.                                                     And now, to pansy's outfit for the day, two days before the 16th, the sissy was taken to the goodwill store to look for juvenile style clothes, not finding anything, the sissy was bought a pair of white girls tights, some pink shoes and a new dolly. the sissy was told to try and curl his hair just like the dolly's. Over his white tights are two diapers, and of course his bright pink plastic panties. Pink anklets and his new pink shoes complete his totally babified outfit. Once the sissy is outside and locks the door, he can do nothing but sit and wait for a Superior to take him to the appointment. Master AJ had some small work to do at His auto shop, Before reaching the Dr's office, He 1st took pansy to His Mother's house, as She had requested to see how the fairy was dressed. Master AJ was even suprised when waiting at His Mothers' house was 2 Females, who had never met pansy before. Of Course!, they were in complete shock at seeing a 49 year old man dressed and acting like a 3 year old baby girl, to add to the sissy's humiliation of being laughed at by complete strangers, She DEMANDED that pansy stand in the corner, facing Them, and wet himself, it took several glasses of apple juice, but the sissy finally let out a torrent of wee wee into his diaper. By now, the 2 females were convinced that this thing standing in front of them certainly NOT a man, but in fact that he IS a baby girl, upon leaving, Master's Mother informed pansy, that he would now be cleaning thier houses as well, and that They would of course be permitted to humiliate and degrade the sissy any way they see fit.      

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so when is the 2nd opinion appointment?