Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Sissy Male to Diapered Baby Girl

Sissy male pansy dressed to go to walgreens, (unfortunately, he is so stoopid, that Master AJ, doesn't allow the queer to take a camera with him anymore, pansy has lost 2 so far). Master has sent the fairy to buy several items, including his diapers. pansy has not been babified in over 3 days, however he is still diapered 24/7. How Hard you laugh if you saw a fat male dressed like this in public !!  C'mon,  Be Honest !!

Upon Returning home pansy is told to immediately dress in a baby girl outfit. Master has bought the sissy some pink mittens and booties. Doesn't he look HAPPY !! being returned to babyhood !! Master AJ has so completed Dominated the fairy over the past 5 1/2  years, that pansy is totally compliant to his Owner.  
The sissy understands that if Master AJ wants him to dress  as an adult or baby, the desicion is not pansy's to make, and doesn't he look so cute, or pathetic, (you decide), sitting in a pink chair, holding his dolly, baby blanket and stuffed animal. The sissy was hoping that maybe Master wouldn't force him to dress as a baby girl anymore, but a glimpse of him holding the sign below may prove otherwise for the feminized fairy.   
pansy is slowly crying to himself, crying at how he allowed a fantasy of being dominated by a Superior Male turn into a life that is no longer his. No longer allowed to think for himself or what clothing to wear. No longer allowed any sembelance of a normal life, he is trapped in sissy slavery for the rest of his life. And, as stated before many, many posts earlier. This is WHAT he wanted !!!! 

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see some pictures of your crib pansy, please.