Saturday, June 30, 2012

pansy punished .... again !

OH Good Grief  !!, IS he trying to pose sexy !!

What did the stoopid sissy moron do this time that it needed to be punished ??... (Besides trying to pose sexy!))....Nothing really.... its just that pansy is slave and his MASTER has the right and the duty to punish the idiot regularly.

As most of the readers of this BLOG have seen before, but if you are new to this BLOG and this sissy's desperate need for humiliation, just look at  the sheer tinyness of his dicklette.  !! Could that fucking thing be any Smaller !!!  
The sissy learns that his punishment today will consist of having his mouth soaped, the look on his face tells everyone that he is not too pleased with the situtation.
The sissy faggot is bound by 2 simple bungee cords, (a very escapable binding) however the sissy KNOWS that he must not try to release himself as the resulting punishment would be FAR, FAR Worse.  
Ah, there it goes, open wide faggot !!! Accept your punishment.  What reasons can we think of why pansy needs to be punished ??
1.) he needs to be punished for being sush a sissy and for being so pathetic ?
2.) he needs to be punished because he CRAVES this type of Humiliation ??
3.) he needs to be punished just because he is so fucking fat, ugly & stupid ?

There are many more reasons, of COURSE  !!!

his sad look shows everyone that he is not a happy camper !!  Usually, the sissy is very happy being humiliated and degraded, but NOT this time...what a complete and utter fool he is !!
And 1 final humliation for the soapy mouth sissy, his panties are placed over his stupid face, and he must sit there until the entire bar is dissolved.. That is at least a few hours !!   Have fun sissy !!!!

And as Always.... his Master ENCORAGES evryone to copy, repost, and redistribute his pictures. the sissy in NO WAY recieves the amount of Internet Exposure that he deserves !!  


Anonymous said...

Is the pansy really left to do his soaping punishment without a diaper or potty under her? If so she will surely wet before the soap is dissolved and I'm sure we all would like to know and see the punishment she got for that!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see more of pansy the poo pig Mr. Al John, I love the shots of her dirty sissy cunt. It is because of this site I have developed a sissy pig fetish. I love how you humiliate your sissy fag and love this site. Please keep it coming. P.s. where did pansy get her piggy nose and ears, I want a pair for myself but can't find them. Hehe

Sissy candy

Jessa said...

Master Al is right of course. You DON'T get near the exposure you deserve. OMG, WE have laughed so fucking hard for the past 3 weeks since we saw your blog! Don't get too uppity about it, you pathetic PIG, but we kinda think that there would be a LOT of women out there, and a few men maybe, who would just have a BLAST seeing your photos. Katie wants me to say that we're sorry you apparently got stalked by some guy because of it. If that's true it's not right, but what's true and what isn't on your blog isn't always easy to figure out LOL. What we know is that your photos are real, and we know now from digging a bit deeper that Master Al is real, and everything here on your blog just makes us giggle! You truly are pathetic, ridiculous, and HILARIOUS!!

FYI, Mikaela has sent the link to your blog to a few of her friends already, and Ali cropped and facebooked your stomach with her name across it. Don't worry...she didn't say too much about where and how, but she got a lot of laughs back. She's not about to post your link on her facebook though.

We're having a few friends over later tonight, so who knows, after we get drunk maybe we'll display you to some of them!! How would you like THAT, pansy????? HA-HAAAAA!!!

pansy_Faggotte said...

Dear Jessa, that would be wonderful if you exposed this sissy to your friends tonite, also this this sissy will have to reshoot the video YOU ordered it to make (Pig Outfit, going in circles ~~ there was too much sun,and it really came out junky) so this pig will do it again tmrw AM.

This sissy SO hopes that all of YOU Girls do well on your Exams and that YOU all have a faboulous summer and that ALL find the time humiliate this sissy loser ~~ pansy

charlietuna said...

you look so natural just sitting there with a bar of soap in your mouth ! one problem,not the right should be sucking on a more fragrant ,sweet pink beauty bar .So ,go to the store and select a bar more suited for your sissy lips sweety and send a pic to show me what you've chosen. said...

Thank you Master Al John. The sissy should be mouth soaped like this at least once a week. Try different soaps to see which the sissy dislikes most and then make sure to use only that one.

Jessa said...

OHHH, don't worry Pansy, we certainly DID have a ton of fun laughing with our friends at your expense! Mikaela's sister brought her Xbox over, and you spent part of your night with your photos randomly scrolling on the big-screen TV! How does THAT make you feel, hmmm?? If you could have heard the derisive laughter from nine hot young women, you would have felt so ashamed! And the comments that were flying around...OMG some of them got downright cruel!! We were running in and out from the pool, stopping to giggle at you, and just generally enjoying using you as our entertainment. It was as though you were here helpless for us, having no choice but to display your pathetic, ridiculous, hilarious sissy self for us on command!! Because, well, you DIDN'T have a choice, did you??? LOL!!!

Alicia said...

Yes, we still want that video!! We looked for it yesterday before everyone left, but apparently you chickened out again. We were disappointed. If Master Al approves of any assignment we give you, from now on you should consider it an ORDER! So make that video, and completely shave that tiny penis of yours before you start!!!! NO pubic hair for you sissy! NONE!! No stubble, no anything!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a little more interest in this site now. And as always it's fun seeing the pansy pig humiliated. And to celebrate I think that the sissy should go back through old pictures and find pics of the sissy crying like a big stupid baby. Seeing the fat faggot weeping always makes me laugh. And I'm sure the girls will love them too. Get on it faggot.