Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sissy Degraded by College Girls

It seems 5 College Girls.... Jessa, Diane, Katie, Alicia, and Mikaela have ALL started reading this sissy's BLOG, and have really enjoyed Humiliating him.

Now, pansy HAS NO IDEA of who these Girls are..
          pansy KNOWS that some some people claim this Blog to be Phony and Completely Made Up.

Whatever, Just enjoy it, and remember, that NO One is Forced to READ it......


The Girls TOLD pansy to wear his pig nose and pig ears, and to take the pictures outside. the sissy's MASTER (Yes...for the 58th time!..He is real...check previous posts!), had to work today, so HE told the fairy to "Try and do a good job with you Humiliation pictures". Masters property is at the back end of a park, sometimes People will wander on to Master's property....what the fuck would THEY say if they saw this crossdressing Loser !!! 
Ordered to write 1 of the GIRLS name on his stupid fat stomach... Her name is "Alicia". the sissy is so happy to Degrade himself for someone he doesn't even know !!
Another sign he FORCED to make shows all of the College Girls Names'..pansy will NO doubt make a sissy cream when THEY comment with Cruel and Hurtful comments. (remember, this IS the Only way that he can make Cream!, is when being HUMILIATED and DEGRADED) 
Stoopid Fuck...this is why Master AL John doesn't like this retard to try to use the Camera (timer), by itself.. he basically ruined the picture. The only reason why its posted is to just show everyone how STUPID pansy truely is !! 
An Offering to his College Girls Tormentors, hopefully They will force the sissy queer into more humiliating foto shoots.

A Question ?
pansy has recieved enough humiliation in his life ?
pansy DESERVES to be humiliated for the rest of his life, and to be treated as badly as possible, and his life needs to made more miserable day after day after day?   


Jessa said...

OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFGGGGGGGGGG pansy!!!!!!!! If you could see how FUCKING hard you're being laughed at right now you would absolutely DIE!! SOOOOOOO hilarious!!!! We LOVE it!!!! Ali just woke me up, like totally screaming her head off. Jess! Jess!! OMG Jess!! Was freaking out thinking she was hurt or something. But NO, she'd just checked back to your blog and found your photos for us. Shit if you could have heard her..."He fucking did it! He fucking did it! PANSY!!! He fucking did it!!"

You're such a fucking MORON!! So pathetic!! OMG we're friggin in tears laughing!!!!!! Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Alicia said...

This is the best. I can't believe you actually did this. Just because we said so. Love that you're humiliated to have to write my name on your stomach and you don't even know me HA! Imagine if I was some fat skank and you just wrote her name on yourself and published it for the whole world to see. Lucky for you I'm not. But still. So funny.

Wondering who actually does the writing on your blog...you or your 'Master', but whatever. If you want to be humiliated by girls, we're the ones who can do it. Jess and Mick keep talking about all the nasty cruel ideas they have for you. We're kinda getting off on thinking stuff up.

Not complaining, but you know you messed up, right? I wanted one of a close-up of my name on your stomach, nothing else showing, that I could post to my Facebook. Jess is cropping one out for me, but you should have done that yourself. HA! Jess says "DO complain! Tell him he's a stupid worthless cunt for not obeying orders exactly LOL". She texted Mick and kate and Di so they can see too. Not home this morning.

Love the pig nose and ears though. Just because we said. You're so ridiculous. Best is that you also dressed up all girly and did that slutty awful eye makeup and earrings and shit. And you actually peed that way for us. That's crazy.

Jess thinks its hilarious that you or your Master or whatever actually capitalized "College Girls" and "They". Says to tell you we are your Goddesses now, and you have to do everything we say from now on.

OMG we're laughing so hard at you. Going to miss first class now but doesn't matter. Too much fun.

Anonymous said...

YAAAYYY! Our names on the sign! What an idiot!

Jessa said...

Okay you pathetic pansy idiot!!! So "cruel and humiliating comments" are the only way you can "make CREAM" huh?? LO FUCKING L! How about this then??? You even posting these pictures PROVES to all the world that you are truly a worthless, helpless, miserable worm!!! You deserve to made to kneel in front of us and be kicked, spit on, ashed on from my cigarette, and slapped across the face until you cry so hard from the shame that your garish slut makeup runs down all over your face!!!! You deserve to be made to jog around that backyard space you took your photos in, with a weight hanging from your balls and bells attached to your fat flabby titties, singing "Oops I Did It Again" in has high a falsetto as you can possibly manage. With a lisp...YELLING the "OOPPTTHHH!" And made to video it and post it on your hilarious blog!!!!!!!!!

But WAIT!!! Don't you DARE "cream" at that. Because you know what, stupid little sissy whore???? You don't GET to "cream". You are not allowed. If your hands are on your...cock? clit?...whatever you call that tiny useless thing...TAKE THEM OFF RIGHT NOW!!!! You do NOT have OUR permission to cum about the things we're going to do to you or the things we write laughing about. The ONLY way you EVER get to cum is with your Master's permission. LOL!!!!!!! Is that understood? Is that UNDERSTOOD you pathetic little fairy faggot????????

And about your "question"...first of all, you do not ask a question of any of us without first begging to ask that question. What you should have written was something like "May this sissy ask its College Girl Tormentors a Question ?
pansy has recieved enough humiliation in his life ?
pansy DESERVES to be humiliated for the rest of his life, and to be treated as badly as possible, and his life needs to made more miserable day after day after day?"

You already answered that question yourself, anyway, so we shouldn't need to answer it, but...

NO! You have not had NEARLY enough humiliation yet. Not even FUCKING close!!! You know how you deserve to be treated...You know how much you WANT to be treated like pigshit. And you will be, at least by us!!! If you had any idea of the things Mikaela's been thinking up to make you do for us, you'd be in your pathetic version of heaven I'm sure ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

If Your 'master' is real as you claim (to be totally honest I'm starting to think so, cause NO WAY anyone would do this to themselves voluntarily, would they????), ask him if he finds it amusing to have us torment you more, and say so somewhere here so we know you're not just 'jerking off' randomly to us. YOU are the one who should be USED and abused, not us? Got it bitch?

And when you are replying to ANY of us, NEVER, EVER, EVER say "remember..." ANYTHING!!!!! That was rude. Asshole!!!!!!!! Or should I say "Pussy-Hole"??? Ha-ha-ha-ha-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

Getting so many texts now. As always Katie is like "aawww". LOL!!! Think she wants to be your savior. She'll protect you from me and Micki ha! Fucking hilarious Di says your tits are bigger than hers!!!!!!!!! Hers are little itsy bitsies, but WAY perkier LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessa said...

HAAAAAA! Mick posted!!!!!! Hope you're humiliated, little pee-pee bitch!!! How does it feel to be messed with by 5 awesome hot girls???? Maybe only 4 from here, cause Katie just wants to watch. LOL!!! You should write Katie on your forehead just for her and see if she's in HA-HAAAAAA!!!

Make time for us this weekend. Talk to your master so we know we're not wasting our time. Buy a bunch of bananas for it. Be ready to crawl and suffer and be humiliated and be laughed at. LOVING how totally pathetic and ridiculous and helpless you are LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO funny that your fingernails match your eye makeup. But your piggy nose is on crooked idiot! You should be punished for that! LOL!

Kaela said...

Jess and I think we should write you up a set of humiliating rules if you really want us to keep degrading you. Ali's like YES! LOL. Write to your blog, in capital letters only: "Sissy Male Pansy Faggotte begs its princesses Jessica, Mikaela, Diane, and Alicia to give it humiliating rules. And it especially begs Princess Katie to give it some too. It loves this Princess Katie. It is so very happy being degraded by you."

Do it ASAP or miss the chance LOL!

Jessa said...

We've changed our minds sissy whore! Ha-haaaaaaaaaa!! Do not write in capital letters to your blog..."Sissy Male Pansy Faggotte begs its princesses Jessica, Mikaela, Diane, and Alicia to give it humiliating rules. And it especially begs Princess Katie to give it some too. It loves this Princess Katie. It is so very happy being degraded by you." Instead, HAND-write it on a piece of paper, and take a nice sharp photo of it and post that!!! Do it ASAP, or the longer we have to wait to laugh at you the more miserable we'll make the 'assignment' for you LOL!

Al John said...

To the college girls

This is Al and yes I do exist I just don't take many pictures with pansy, but i do take most ofthem.

You questioned how or who wrote the blog. I view the pictres and tell pansy what to write, and then when she is on, she writes the blog in the 3rd person. when I say "on" I mean that she is a little slow mentally.

Also, other people have had as much "fun" as you all seem to having. That is great. Just doent expect to much, or every day posts from her. She cleans houses, my Mothers and some of her friends house several days a week.

Al John

Jessa said...

Thank you for your reply. Mikaela has been going through some of the old blogs and says it's a bit confusing what the deal is with Pansy, but no time to ask any questions right now. Hope you didn't mind that we gave 'it' orders. If you don't want us to participate in its humiliation, or comment on it, we understand (sort of).

But for you Pansy, know that we think its FUCKING hilarious that you have to clean house for your Masters' mother's friends. I hope you have to ALWAYS do it dressed the way you are in your photos, and I hope they humiliate the hell out of you the whole time. If it was up to us, and you were cleaning OUR house, you'd do it with bells attached to your sissy balls and a Tinkerbell outfit. And if we decided to invite our boyfriends over to watch, you would have to curtsey to them and carry on with your duties while they laughed along with us. LOL!!!!!!!

Al John said...

Feel Free to commernt and humiliate her, I know i can't do enough. I co-own a truck repair Business, and really don't have time or energy for much anymore.

Just, Don't make her do anything illeagle, dangerous or stupid. I like getting the $625 in SS and $180 in food stamps, but some of that goees to her diapers, make-up baby formula, and stuff

I too get turned on by seeing her humiliated and degrdaed..but like i said before, don't do to much at one time.

Anyone of you girls can contact me at masteral_john@yahoo.com

Mikaela said...

To Al John...have to say this is all starting to sound very weird. I've been looking into past blogs with Katie today and she is totally out now. She was very concerned that something wasn't right from the start. Kinda getting the same feeling myself. If you're appropriating social support from 'her', 'it', or whatever we're supposed to refer to Pansy as, this is messed. Here tonight even, you refer to Pansy as 'her', but Katie found a blog post where you specifically instructed that 'Pansy' be referred to as an 'it'. Things aren't making a lot of sense.

Jessica is still all 'fuck why not let's have a laugh', but we're human beings here. If pansy has some kind of mental issue that you're taking advantage of, and 'he' 'she' 'it' is being forced into anything by anyone and doesn't actually enjoy any of this, we're ALL out. When we first found the blog, it seemed like he was totally enjoying everything and having his own weird kind of fun. THAT we found hilarious, and fun for us to tease him/her/it about.

But if this is some kind of bizarre illegal slavery thing taking advantage of a mentally ill person and stealing his social support, we're sickened. Katie and I are both Psych students. We took a natural interest in what makes him tick. If what we've come to understand is correct, however, YOU should be the one who is ashamed, and we're sorry we ever got involved.

AL said...

Bizzare Illegally Slavery ??

She likes being Humiliated !!

Nothing more than that....

ALL of your posts sound kind of Bullshit as well...

We should just close down the whole Fucking BLOG !!

Jessa said...

Whoa!! Al?? Pansy?? We've totally giggled our asses off at everything. Just a bit concerned today that we're not interfering in something we shouldn't be. If pansy LIKES being humiliated, we love it too! If not, we're out. That's all. Think about it from our perspective a bit, if you can?? We're not total bitches. We respect people. Mick and Katie spent a lot of personal time today trying to get a handle on what this is all about...just so we could all have fun with it. Katie got a bit freaked I know. I'm coming in late trying to figure shit out myself after getting texts all day, and they're not here, so don't know why Mick was upset. Know we all had some questions this morning, but bottom line if it's all fun, it's all fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear pansy and Master Al
Please dont even think about cllosing down the blog which has given so much pleasure to us devoted fans and followers of pansy's humiliation.
I have tried to contribute some ideas to pansy's humiliation and have been delighted to see some of them put to use, such as pansy's mouth soaping (please show more of that!) and hope to see a pink plastic collar permanently locked around his neck.
And of course I still keep hoping Master Al will implement his on idea to have pansy's teeri removed to make it the perfect sissybaby!

Jess & Mickaela said...

Okay Master AJ. We get it now, we think. All good, and all FUN! :) We would LOVE to contribute more to pansy's humiliation and degradation, and laugh at it and tease it for its pathetically miserable existence. Possibly torment it by giving it some of the orders we were thinking of? If that would be okay? All with your approval, of course, and respecting your idiot's time constraints with all its shameful sissy maid duties for you. Now that we know that it truly loves being owned and humiliated by you, we're just having WAY too much fun laughing at the ridiculous antics you make it perform to not help, at least with suggestions. We're totally agreed with 'anonymous' on that point LOL!

And pansy, if you are allowed to read this, know that we are absolutely LAUGHING our pretty asses off at EVERYTHING we've seen here. If Master Al approves of our ideas, you're going to be so tormented you won't know your pig nose from your dicklet ROFL!!!!!!!!!! We are SO amused by everything Master Al makes you post and write on your blog you have no idea!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

pansy_Faggotte said...

Dear Anneli, this sissy doubted that Master would shut down this BLOG, this sissy is positive that HE enjoys it, although HE only contributes when HE has too. He did promise this sissy to do a mouth soaping session as soon as possible.....

~ pansy ~

Anonymous said...

I am a sissy, would love college girls to humiliate me! Let me know and I will send you an email. Thanks tiny cube