Tuesday, August 26, 2014

OMG !! Part 2 !! ~~ Sissy Tammy Siegel EXPOSED Even More !!

In Order for this sissy to post diaper sissy Tammy Siegel pictures.....this sissy's MASTER Demanded that sissy tammy write a 500 word essay on why......
   She wants to be diapered
   She belongs in diapers
   She wants to put in diapers permanently.............................
SO.....Here You GO !!!!  ~~
Tammy S. Here is the 500 Word essay and 12 pictures required of me Pansy. -- Why I want to be diapered, Why I know that I belong in diapers, and Why I want to wear diapers permanently It all started when I was

It seems that sissy tammy really enjoys being diapered, all the sissy needs to realize is that she will be so much better wearing diapers and little girl/sissy outfits at all times






One can only wonder if sissy tammy has wet her diapers yet....sissy tammy really NEEDS to become at least totally pee-pee incontinent

diaper sissy tammy has BEGGED to be put on this sissy's BLOG, there seems to be quite a LOT of followers that could really give sissy tammy the Humiliation she obviously desperately needs 

sissy diaper tammy also sent a few pics of her SMOKING !!!
SMOKING !! is something that 'Grown-Up' People do  !!   ~~   Not diapered sissy girls  !!

sissy tammy certainly NEEDS a very HARD Caning, and Several HOURS in Extremely Tight and VERY Painful Bondage

What do YOU Think BLOG Readers......Is it okay for a sissy baby tammy to Smoke, or should sissy baby tammy endure some form of Harsh Punishment ??  
THANKS  !!!   For Everyone who took the time to read this Post



sarah penguin said...

Thanks for sharing the essay and yes she needs to not be smoking!

Duffling Faggot said...

What an enjoyable sissy. Yes she needs to be punished for smoking, she needs to be wrapped and tied tight in at least two double blankets and left for the night strapped down to the bed.

Anonymous said...

Sexy sissy, i would have you!