Saturday, August 2, 2014

......... More and more Juvenile and Childish every day

As another day begins and ends, pansy slips farther into permanent babyhood 

Any day now, a letter should be coming from a Lawyer that gives Master AL John Full Power of Attorney and Legal Custody of pansy.
A Court has already deemed that pansy is no longer capable of managing his own affairs,
A Psychiatrist has also determined that pansy is no longer capable of assuming an adult role in society.
Master will then just have to have pansy's small SSI check, (according to SSI -- pansy is not capable of handling his money in a reasonable accord), deposited to HIM and Master AL John will assume control over pansy's finances as well

pansy addiction to diapers and little girl outfits are a thing of the past. It is Very, Very permanent now

Master AL John has also gotten rid of ALL of pansy's Books and Music. The sissy now has a large collection of Dr. Suess and other childrens' books. pansy is also NO Longer permitted to use a pen or pencil to write with, everytime the sissy needs to write something, it will be in crayon

the sissy enjoys his formula as he sits in his new furniture...Master AL John has placed several plastic chairs throughout the house, as HE doesn't want pansy's wet/messy diaper to ruin any furniture 

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics, as usual, but I'm still waiting for you -and/or yoir Master to comment my thoughts abour sissy tastes for your mouths I posted in response to your snack pictures.