Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diaper Pig

What a Fucking Retard !!!!
No Debate there !! Is Anyone willing to start  a ImageFap Group or Website/Blog, where fairys, like this, pathetic piece of garbage, can have its pics Posted, and Hopefully commented on ? , This stupid pig needs and will SUFFER the Intense and Extreme Humiliation amd Degradation that this fat, ugly sissy-fuck NEEDS!
Oh, poor pathetic pansy, he hangs his head in shame, as he KNOWS that there will be NO Escape from his permanent sissyness and Diaper Dependancy.  He is 51 years old, look at how he dresseses ? like a little girl !@!!

Just to make sure, that Everyone that reads this Blog KNOWS, that 'pansy' is a sissy Male, he wears very juvenile clothing, he talks with a very pro-nounced Lisp, and LOL, he has the IQ of a 7 year old )Its been tested(.....  !!  

When Someone posts a comment, this sissy is permiited to rub his tiny dickleete in his diaper, Your CRUEL and HURTFUL Comments help this fairy to make cream in his diaper !!!  PLEASE HELP!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures again. Your potty training pics showed that you stained your pretty dress and expected to punished for it, so tell us how you were punished. A good meeting with a sturdy leather strap ending with a very sore botty and corner time would have been my choice.

Anonymous said...

At last another set of good pictures.

But why the sign, just have it write idiot on its self.

Pigtrainer F said...

Fifi is the most stupid little girl i have ever seen. She is lucky to be so weel trained by the right Master.
She deserves more and more humiliation in public website, so i will expose her in my pig humiliation website as soon as possible.
Her Pig Number will be PIG # 327.

Master F, pigtrainer.

Anonymous said...

How about actual tattoos... show that you actually do HAVE a master and your not just doing this to yourself lonely and psychologically fucked up!! Cuz if u ask me, I don't believe there's anyone else there doing these things to u.....

pansy_Faggotte said...

To Anonymous 23 2012 12:53 AM, have you ever seen any of the older posts ? Master AL John is in many of pics. And how would having a taatoo prove anything, either ??

Believe what you want, and thank you for taking the time post a message

Cruel Dama said...

Hello, piggy:
Your pathetic pig image inspires me to use you in a contest that I have planned to organize in my blog.
Send me more pictures of you to, miserable being, to see if you can think of something that pleases me.