Friday, July 13, 2012

A Full Adult Baby Girl Weekend for sissy pansy

Master AJ has determined that sissy pansy has been way to involved with becoming a piglette, that HE told his sissy property that it will spend the entire weekend in a baby girl dress, diapers, (rarely changed), and will eat only jars of gerbers and bottles of formula for the weekend 7/13-7/15

Here are some pics from Friday Aftn 7/13 and it looks like another rainstorm, so pics have to be inside (sorry)

He certainly does look much more sissy, childish, and pathetic when dressed in one of his baby girl outfits.....And, Just as he was posting this, there was a message from Jessa, (One of his Goddesses)... and she posted... 

Jessa said...

We're interested to know if you would like to be our pathetic teased diaper sissy this weekend, pansy. We have a ton of ideas to humiliate you in diapers. Let us know soon, if you can.

July 13, 2012 2:39 PM

HOW About that, She had the same exact idea about how to treat this sissy this Weekend  !!!!  
Whenever pansy wets his diaper, he must always be in Curtsey and drinking from his bottle (as stated before,before before, etc, etc.)
So Obviously....the 51 year old sissy male in a baby girl dress is wetting his diapers !!
Can You ALL Say ...... LAUGH OUT LOUD !!!
Notice the diaper size now....not a picture of him wetting but the diaper is much more filled, he is a very very heavy wetter, and usually has to be in 2-3 diapers/ and plastic pants to avoid leaking

and just 7 minutes later, he fills the diaper again, you can tell as the wetness as escaped his plastic pants and made his pink baby pants wet as well

And then during the course of posting this blog, there was another comments by the Goddesses

Jess & Mickaela said...

Maybe if you're an obedient little sissy we'll consider your idea of us starting our own special blog about you. But if that's really what you want (and if Master Al allows), you'll have to EARN your public humiliation!! Ha-haaaa!!!

July 13, 2012 3:02 PM

This sissy seems to be in for ALOT of Humiliation this Summer... Good For Him, Everyone join in the Fun  !

~~~~~   Message From  'pansy'   ~~~~~ 

thank you for all of you that read this blog, this sissy just wants to let you all now that this blog is very real and that i love to be humilited and laughed at. i love to have peole laugh at my pictures and the situations i am forced into .  thank you  


Jessa said...

Ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! So, are you ready to take us up on our little challenge, pansy?? We have some rules and orders for you to follow if so. Don't worry...they will be things you will no doubt absolutely LOVE having to do, but...and I want to make this ABSOLUTELY will be doing them all weekend for US, on our command, because you are going to belong to US. Is that understood, little sissy baby???

Reply NOW with "Yes, Princess Jessica, this sissy wants so badly to be Your diaper baby for the weekend. May it have Your instructions?", and Your 'live humiliation' will begin!

Jessa said...

Are we to take it that the idea of wearing sissy diapers for us all weekend, and being told when you are allowed to pee them and how, and report to the world about it when and how we say, is too much for you, pansy? If you want this, tell us soon by commenting on your own blog sissy! We do have better things to do, you know. Only reason we're here is because the camping trip we planned got cancelled because of a fire ban. Thought we'd have fun humiliating you instead. Ali's been creating your Princess Laughter blog. But if you're not into it, we'll probably head out clubbing soon and see where the weekend leads us. Katie's BF already wants her to come over to 'talk' LOL now that we're not going away. Don't say we didn't give you a chance pansy!

Mik said...

These pictures are GREAT! LOVE when you curtsey so ridiculously for the world! And it's hilarious that you featured us in your pathetic poll and mentioned Jessa's messages during your blog post. Jess thinks you already 'came' in your diaper though, so you're down and out LOL!!!!!!

pansy_Faggotte said...

Dear Goddesses, this sissy just wokded up form its Nap ...."Yes, Princess Jessica, this sissy wants so badly to be Your diaper baby for the weekend. May it have your instructions"

Thank you Princess Jessica, hopefully YOU and the rest of this sissy's "Goddesses", enjoyed todays post Princess Jessica?.

Please Goddesses, this sissy wants so badly to be Your diaper baby for the weekend. May if it have instructions"

Jessa said...

JUST in time sissy pansy!!!!!! Well done!!! Woke up from your nap, huh? Hope you 'napped' in your wet diaper for Master Al!?! Still dressed in your little girl outfit, I hope? Say "yes Princess Jessica" once we post this so we know you're ready to accept our humiliating instructions!

pansy_Faggotte said...

"yes, Princess Jessica, this sissy is ready to accept your humilaiting instructions, Princess."

pansy_Faggotte said...

"yes, Princess Jessica, this sissy napped in its pink baby dress, Princess Jessica."

Jessa said...

Starting at this moment, you are going to be abused, tormented, and ridiculed, by 5 gorgeous Perfect Goddesses, throughout a full weekend of helpless humiliation. You are going to be OUR little baby diaper sissy! Aaawww, is it shaking already??? Poor baaabbbyyy!

Here is what we have planned for you. From this moment on, the sissy will be diapered. It will not complain about it. It will not ask for ‘out’. It will spend the entire weekend, from now until 6PM on Sunday, July 15th, in diapers for us, while we laugh at it.

It will put on its first diaper for us the MOMENT it receives these instructions. It will immediately post a picture of itself, curtseying in OUR diaper, holding a sign saying ‘diapered by Princess Jessica, Princess Mikaela, Princess Katie, Princess Alicia, and Princess Diane’. It will post another picture, holding the same sign behind its back, lifting its sissy skirt up so its diaper is completely visible, kneeling on the floor. It will then go away from its computer and kneel in the corner sucking on its bottle without moving for one full hour.
It will then come back to its computer and thank The Princesses for taking ownership of it for the weekend.

(more to come)

J, M, A, K, & D said...

It will NOT be allowed to pee its sissy self, ALL weekend, without first asking The Princesses politely, and probably being made to BEG, even then, LOL. Whenever it needs to pee, it must post a request to its blog, BEGGING us for permission to fill its diaper. It will be told how and when to do it only after it squirms enough for Us.

All weekend long this will continue. Pansy faggotte will have to exist in her diaper, waiting DESPERATELY for US to allow her to pee herself for US. Between pees, she will have to do many more humiliating things to herself just to earn the right to BEG us to allow her to pee her baby self.

She will NOT pee her diaper without permission. She will NOT take off any peed diaper without our permission. She will NOT refuse any order we give her to hold her pee, or do anything told with her diaper AFTER IT IS WETTED FOR US!

One or more of us will be here all weekend to enforce pansy faggotte's Princess orders, and the ridiculous helpless sissy baby must do as any of us say.

The sissy will not question. It will only obey being Our diapered sissy baby and humiliating itself for us. It will write our names on every diaper it wears, all weekend long. Starting NOW!!!

Jessa said...

Are you in your first sissy baby diaper for us pansy?

Anonymous said...

Very nice posting and good comments. But I dont understand the emphasis on a sissybaby weekend when we all know that pansy is a hopelessly incontinent sissybaby who has to wear diapers and plastic panties ALL the time. So any new sissybaby humiliation ideas should be put to permanent use in the future.
While the sissy is permanently incabable of controlling its wee-wees, I think it would be fun for all of us to see pictures of his attempts at being pottytrained for his poopies.
I would also welcome introducing the pansy to wearing baby reins inside and outside the house, which is not only humiliating but also very practical when pansy needs to be tethered.
I also recall that pansy was already som time ago expecting some new plastic panties in nursery print to replace the old rather dull ones. I hope pansy will at the same time be provided with a proper set of baby gear on the same PVC nursery print, includng a bonnet, bib and a romper.
And finally just a reminder to all that pansy"s Master has concluded that pansy doesn't need teeth as a sissybaby and putting this into practice would be the ultimate permanent humiliation for the sissy!

Jessa said...

We kinda like your idea, Angel. The poopy potty-training was part of our little plan, actually. He was supposed to beg us for any relief, and not all of it was to be done in diapers LOL. But looks like pansy is afraid of our mocking.

Kaela said...

We're done with you Pansy. Katie's already out getting fucked, and Ali and Di aren't back from flaunting their shit yet. Jess is pissed, and I'm tired. Shoulda gone out with them. Hope you have a fun weekend.