Thursday, July 26, 2012

PIG   # 327

This is the sissy previously known as "pansy Faggotte"...HIS NAME is NOW!!!!!!   ~~ pig #327....   not a person, not a name    .... a pig Number    #327

The pig 'named #327' is thethered to a simple pole in Master AL John's backyard, ...  although he could very easily remove the rope from the post, stand up, and walk away....     pig #327 is SO Ridicuously Submissive that he KNOWS that this is where he belongs   
Can SOMEONE PLEASE !!! The Goddessess, Angel, Dr D, Others - (forgot your names!), HUMILIATE this sissy Loser !!!

pig #327


Anonymous said...

I think we have seen enough of this silly pig stuff and we should see more of you as your real sissybaby self.
So how about showing us your bottom getting red during a good spanking and then seeing you in the corner with your red bottom on display and a piece of soap in your mouth, with you hoping against hope that you wont wet the floor and earn another punishment before your corner-time is over.
A word on your diet. I would like to see make yourself a large bowl of oatmeal porridge once a week to be kept in the fridge with you asking your Master or another superior to warm it up for you at your meal time with his or her pee and see pictures of you enjoying your sissybaby feed.
And do hurry up and get yourself locked into a Pink plastic sissy collar!

Goddess Jessa said...

Hello Pig#327...LOL!!! Good that you are begging for us to humiliate you again. As disappointed as I was in your delivery last time, I think you might be worth another shot. We still have a ton of ideas to degrade your pathetic self with.

But FIRST, to prove your sincerity, I want you to write an 800-word essay on why you deserve to be humiliated by us, and why Ali should waste any of her precious time activating her blog about you. BEG us to treat you like the unworthy piece of piggy trash you are, and post it on your blog. NOW!

We are busy people, with real, normal lives and summer fun to be had. If and when you post your essay to us, and if we deem it worthy of our attention, we will issue you some hilariously demeaning tasks that we expect to see you comply with! If you're lucky, we might even set aside a day or two to communicate with you via Skype and take complete control of your piggy ass!!!

Get to it. Snap snap! Ha-haaaaaaaa!!!

Alicia said...

While you're at it piggie pansy, shave your useless clitty again, and write MIKAELA above it in something red...lipstick, marker, fingernail polish, whatever. Post a VERY closeup photo of it to your blog. And please do not refer to Diana any more. She has moved in with her boyfriend and isn't interested in participating any more in this.

Goddess Jessa said...

Ali just showed me some of her 'captioned' photos of you. If you truly want to be shamed, BEG her well in your essay to activate her blog about you. Her taunting will make You cry. LOVE IT!!

Goddess Jessa said...

Making Goddesses wait is VERY bad form, PIG! Your only legitimate excuse would be if you are busy cleaning Master Al's mother's friends houses. And hopefully getting Your ugly slutty piggy face slapped hard all the while. If any of them smoke, I hope they use your pig mouth as an ashtray, and butt out their cigarettes on your tiny useless dicklet! I certainly would. And you would be required to thank Me for it!!! Poor pathetic sissy piggy!!!!

Al John said...

I had to get pansy a new PC monitor this weekend, so she should be back online today. And, I will make sure that pansy writes your essay and do the body writing. Finally, okay, we will scale back the pig stuff a little and I will have her dress more juvenile and babyish, but I still want her to be referef to as at least a "sissy pig".
Keep up the good work and just please be patient with the sissy

Al John

Jessa said...

Oh don't worry Al, she will be referred to as a sissy pig...because that's what she is!! Thank you for doing this to him/it/her. We've honestly had a blast laughing about her over the past few weeks. You have no idea how much encouragement Ali has had from our friends to do her blog about it. Ever since our party where we scrolled its pictures on our TV, the word is out. EVERY time anyone comes over now, even girls who weren't there, they're like "so, show us this sissy pig pansy guy!!". Mostly, the guys don't wanna see it. I think they're embarrassed for him. But the girls? OMG they're totally getting off on it. If you could hear some of the comments that get made, you'd laugh your ass off! And he would be probably burst into fucking tears. Apparently Pansy even caused a B/G fight one night last week while I was away. This guy is hot for one of our friends, and was hitting on her hard, but she was more interested in laughing at the sissy pig on the computer with Katie than getting it on with him. Hilarious!

Anyway, please do force Pansy to write his essay...even 500 words would do. Ali really wants it for her blog, front and center, so no one thinks anything 'wrong' is happening. We have lives and futures that we can't risk over tormenting a fat sissy loser pig, as much fun as it is. And if there is some way for us to contact you directly by email, it would be good to talk. Mikaela just set up a special Yahoo messenger account so we can tease Pansy 'live' from time to time, if that would be okay with you.

K, gotta run, but Mik and Katie are here all day. Mik REALLY wants that closeup photo of her name written above Pansy's tiny dick, and we have a backlog of so many humiliating ideas for it, it's ridiculous!

Al John said...

I just Left for work and pansy was working on the essay, I will have him take new pics and post them and the essay thing on Friday.

Here is my email

and here is pansys

(abg) stands for adult baby girl, if you want to humiliate her with that as well.


Alicia said...

Thank you Al. Jess had a job interview today. Didn't go so well. She went home to her parents place. Don't know what to say, other than rest of us are here and waiting for pansy's essay.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots sissy ...are you trying to look like a big girl & tease the boys ? ... Stick to being a pathetic faggot ... & filling your diapers .. Leave trying to look beautiful to us proper sissies ..