Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Master AL John ~~

Some of the Readers of this Blog seems to like the videos that are posted, However, MOST (At Least according to the current poll), Hate Them...


One of the very few enjoyments that sissy 'pansy' is to be allowed, is to watch music videos on You Tube once a week, the Queer must then beg ME, to allow it to add it to the computer.
If I agree, the sissy must bend over and recieve 19 swacks on its ass. (Why 19  you ask?. I am a HUGE Stephen King/Dark Tower Fan, so if you are a Fan as well, than you know that 19 is....well 19)

I heard the Latest Wierd Al parody of Lady Gaga, so I permitted pansy to pick 2 videos that it liked. And Please !!!, DO NOT refer to pansy as a F or M, pansy is an it 

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Candy Sissiboi said...

(curtsey) Hello Master AJ,

If Pansy is an "it", I guess that makes me an "itty bitty"...LOL!

42. Douglas Adams. Now that when combined with a paddle with holes applied rapidly and with vigor would be a good price for Pansy to pay for posting music videos. I wonder if Pansy would like some paddling like that? Hmmm?