Saturday, April 16, 2011

pansy forced to be "Fifi - the puppy girl"

Master AL John had to go out of town, and was unable to secure a babysitter for pansy, So, He was forced to take the sissy with Him, and not wanting to change diapers for 3 days, He has planned for the fairy to spend the time as "fifi - the puppy girl".
pansy knows that it strictly prohibited for speak during "fifi - time", the sissy may only bark, he must be on all fours AT ALL TIMES, and he also must use a littler box as his potty. 
Master AL John graciously fills "fifi's" bowl with a refreahing drink.  One thing missing though, is the sissy's "puppy tail plug". Master has misplaced somewhere ! DAMN !!  
That's a good sissy puppy, "fifi", drink up all the contents of your bowl, and then crawl under the cabinet, this will be your home for several days, so get used to it !! 
Master AJ has gone out for the evening. He is having dinner with a friend, and then plans to go to Walmart (or somewhere), to buy the largest litter box possible and some litter. Notice, that He has chained "fifi" to the toilet, this will no doubt prevent the sissy puppy from wandering around the room and possibly messing on the carpet.


Sissy Jennifer Thomson said...

Very Nice of Master Al to give you such a wonderful drink all sissies need that. I am sure you will be a good puppy or be punished Yummy

Prissyday said...

Oh Pansy--shall we be little sissie bitches together? In our cage..sniffing and licking each others girlee parts??--ummm