Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i am a little girl ~~

Its taken Master AL John longer than He had hoped, but it seems like "pansy" has finally given up trying to be a Grown-Up for good. pansy, of course will be better off in the long term, as he will not have to cloud his feeble sissy brain with News, Sports, or anything else considered Adult in Nature.  
His daily life will consists of only a few things - cleaning houses, (as mentioned before in this Blog, the sissy cleans Master AL Johns house (of course!), and the Houses of His Mother, and a friend of His Mothers) wetting and messing his diapers, Meeting with a few other sissies and Superiors to take Humiliating photos, sitting in his playpen watching cartoons and juvenile programming.  
This picture really just says it all, and pansy FINALLY knows it ! "i am a little girl"


Candy Sissiboi said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

Little girls were pink and frills! I would love to have you wear some of my pink babydolls. They're stretchy enough that they might just fit you and they are Pantyshow Priness short too :-)

Oh if only I could be your Dollie, the Dollie of the biggest sweetest sissy of all! *smile*



sissygirlsara said...

Ohh your so lucky pansy :)
love all your pics and your wonderful Blog

pansy_Faggotte said...

thank you so much, sissygirlsara, sometimes it is so nice when this sissy gets to read a sweet comment from another sissy....

pansy F