Monday, January 2, 2012

1st 2012 post = Changes !!

A New Year brings changes to everything, this even effects something as worthless as sissy pansy.
1. There will be NO More of his stupid music videos, pansy's computer usage has been limited to only pornography.
2. pansy will post a photo collection at LEAST once a week, comments are now Unmoderated, and he has been ordered to join many pictures sharing sites, (to increase his internet Exposure!)
3. pansy will NO Longer be permitted to pass as a Female/Girl   -- he will be seen as an obvious male (LOL) in womens'/girls' clothing    
On Feb 14, this sissy male will turn 51 years old !!  pansy continues to drink his SIMILAC formula as he wets his diaper. Lets all examine what he is wearing ::
White stockings
pink knee socks
White Mary jane heels
a Little White Skating Skirt
A pink Shirt more suitable for a Juvenile
.....and Diapers and plastic panties  

Yeah, this is EXACTLY how a 50 year old should dress !!!    

Its hard not laugh at pansy when he so LUVS everyone to see his diapers, has anyone ever googled his name  :: "pansy Faggotte?"  see how exposed he is ? It is NOT ENOUGH !! he needs to be Exposed More MORE MORE !!
Even, outside in his Masters backyard, pansy is never exempt from ridicule and exposure, No doubt his humiliation will be seriously increased in 2012. Everyone enjoy the upcoming Laughter  !!

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Candy Sissiboi said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

More Pansy In 2012! Yay!

This beats the politicians' ads who are running for office...LOL! Pansy is pretty, honest and pretty honest too! Vote Pansy!