Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some New Pictures of the sissy

Nothing Special.......Just some pictures of sissy pansy in what could be the Shortest Possible Dress, and then of course, he has to show his diapers!     The fag is so proud that he is diapered 24/ it some kind of accomplishment or something...the only thing it is SAD!
And now the fat homo entices you with 2 pictures in a pink outfit w/ an apron, and GOOD GRIEF !, Do you actually see the size of that thing !!  That has GOT to be the smallest penis/sissy clit ever.... CHRIST ON A BIKE  !!! that is small  !!
No Wonder he gets laughed at, No wonder he has never been with a Female, or even had a Girlfriend, for that matter.   What a LOSER !!

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