Friday, November 16, 2012

sissy pig #327 back in diapers... YEAH !!

Welcum Back, sissy pig #327, Everyone is no doubt happy to see you back in diapers, Just where YOU Belong !
The sissy pig is always happy to have its pictures posted, where it can be laughed at.
sissy pig #327 is drinking his 4th bottle of Baby Formula of the day, no doubt the sissy will soon have very full (and will probably be leaking), as he is only in 2 diapers,and no plastic panties. The sissy is all too happy to show everyone his diapers, at it only re-affirms his status as a diaper wearing sissy pig
Hopefully, these will be VERY filled soon !!
Pig #237 always seems to be Begging to be Humiliated and Degraded, and if being FORCED to dress and act like this is not Humiliating and Degrading enough.
What a Lucky sissy pig, #327 is, he now gets to spend some quality time in his playpen outside in the yard, Imagine what the Neighbors and Passer-by's will say when they see this diapered Loser in a playpen
The sissy pig knowns he HAD better drink every drop of that Formula ~~ BECAUSE ~~ the sissy will have to stay in this position until he has Wet his diapers Twice, and made a poopy in them


Anonymous said...

So I e-mailed about this idea for a punishment awhile back (Just before the pig officially lost its identity as anything other than a pig), and I'm wondering if it got lost in the shuffle or what. Here's the idea again, with a few alterations.

First, tightly tie up Pig's upper body so it can't use its arms, preferably binding it somewhere to a pole or a chair or something that prevents it from curtsying. Next, stuff a diaper into its mouth (Used or not, your choice). Wrap white tape around and around Pig's head to seal the diaper in its mouth. Take a black permanent marker and write "PISSY PIGGY" on the tape in big block letters. From there, it's just a matter of waiting, possibly a long time. Don't untie and ungag the Pig until one of two things happen: 1. It somehow escapes its bondage on its own, or 2. It pisses itself. And by that, I mean it pisses itself so completely that it obviously soaks the diaper it will no doubt be wearing, saturating it to the point that piss begins leaking out of it. Periodically while this is happening, verbally abuse Pig, noting how funny it is that it loves to piss in diapers and that what it is (PISSY PIGGY) is written right across its diaper-stuffed mouth.

As a bonus, you'll notice that Pig will be punished no matter what happens here, either for struggling to escape, or by not being in a curtsying position when it wets itself. I'll let you decide what the further punishment for the pig should be after that.

Would anyone else want to see something like that happen to the pig?

Maid Becky x said...

I wonder if Sir or Mistresses would allow me to humiliate this pathetic sissy, it brings down the image of a serving sissy. Both myself and Mistress Vicki believe it would benefit from seeing a true serving sissy if you would allow.

Maid Becky xxx

Master AL John said...

Yes, Maid Becky, you and Your Mistress are Certainly Permitted to download any/all of my sissypig slaves' pictures. Also feel free to caption them, and repost them. The MORE the sissypig is exposed on the internet, the more Humiliation it Suffers. That is the point of this whole BLOG Thing

AL John

Master AL John said...

I also like the 1st comment, I will Certainly try to find the time to have the pig in that Situation. I also told the pig to read that post out loud as it stroked its pathetic thing into its diaper.

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Anonymous said...

i would love to see video of this esp the moment she looses control and is forced to soil her diapers like the big baby she is. watch her grunt and cry as she makes a huge poop like a good baby