Tuesday, June 7, 2011

plastic humiliation for the fairy

Sunday, June 5th, was supposed to be the warmest day of the year so far. And yes, it was. Miss Danielle, Masters TS Girlfriend decided (and, She Delights in Humiliating pansy!) that for the ENTIRE day that he would wear a heavy clear plastic raincoat over his dress and diapers. This, of course, made the fairy very uncomfortable, which of course is the purpose of the day's intended humiliation. Not only was pansy put in 3! Diapers, Master AL John intentionally blocked the Air Conditioning to pansy's little girls room. 
For 2 hours, the sissy was forced to curtsey in front of a mirror, and repeat this Mantra ~ "My name is pansy. I am a sissy in diapers. I need to become even more of a sissy." ~ loud enough so that it could be heard outside of the locked room door. The sissy also had 10 bottles of formula that he was told to consume, before he could even consider getting his diaper changed.
By 2p, the fairy was sweating profusely, and had completey soaked his diapers and plastic panties, as the sissy finishes one of his bottles, you can see that he doesn't seem very happy about today's humiliation. Too bad for pansy, HUH ?!! 

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Sissy Husband said...

Poor Pansy! It's so hot here now and can't imagine being stuck in diapers like that. But...well-deserved. I've finally found a master who is training me though I have MILES and MILES to go before I become a true, trained sissy like you are. you remain my sissy hero.