Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcum Back !!!

The sissy.... (formely known as pansy Faggotte) in NOW only known as a pig #327, It NO longer has (or deserves) a female name.
Every Single Person in the Neighborhood knows that pig #327 is a diapered male that wears little girl style clothing, An Elderly Women, (down the Street), has even offered to Master AL John that She change pig #327's diaper ... won't that be fun !!!
Will Every who reads this Blog, PLEASE ! PLEASE !! Make a Degrading Comment !, or Better yet, just email the pig at, and tell pig #327 just how pathetic it is !!..


BITCH Jess said...

These are GREAT photos for us to show our friends at our Halloween party, you pathetic stupid slut!!!!!!! Not going to get into the website blew it with your 'anonymous' replies calling us "bitches" and saying that we're wasting your time. FUCK YOU pansy...ummm...PIG#327!!! You wasted WAY more of our time than we wasted of yours. You could never seem to obey properly EVER. YES, we're bitches, but we don't appreciate being called so on your blog. From now on you'll just be our little laugh game whenever we have friends over. Mik is a total *star* from you writing her name on yourself. You, though, are just a useless stupid pig for us to laugh at and enjoy to ourselves. We've got new guys BEGGING us to humiliate them every day on the blog, and having tons of fun with it. Cute ones even, with cocks that actually get hard for us!!! No time for a disrespectful, disobedient, limp-dicked, disgusting little pig like you.

Thanks for the new pics for us to put up though LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Bet you won't have the balls to 'allow' this on your site. Dare you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well now that you are pig #327 I think you should look more like a diaper pig and have your head finally shaved. It can still be put in a nice baby bonnet (transparant plastic preferably) by your superiors.

Anonymous said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

A buzzcut sissy pig look would be a good one. I like punishment haircuts! However, you have made your hair so pretty and grown it nicely. It looks real pretty!

So what do you do? It is a dilemma so see which choice tents your panties and go with that! *grin*



Anonymous said...

Dear Goddesses,
I am a fequent viewer of this site and personally I liked your tasks for pansy for the most part. I am a21 yr old wannabe sissy and I would love to talk to you and see about being put on your new blog. Please if you have time to grace this pathetic sissy with email me at
Thank you in advance Goddesses

Humbly yours,
sissy candy

p.s.Master Al and pansy please keep up the great posts. I love what a humiliated pig pansy is, I check your blog daily and have even taken a few of your ideas into my own play. Keep up the good work Master Al make pansy even more of a pathetic pig in the future

Anonymous said...

I would like to know, why it is such a pig does not have any cropping, caning, whipping or straping marks on her big fat arse when she obviously deserves them.

Spare the rod and spoilt the PIG.

The Pun15her

Anonymous said...

i'm an Arab sissy and i call myself Fatima ..i'm 24 years old and i live as a female,my wife and her sisters accept me as a female and the village where i live also accept me as a female and i do the menial chores around's a degradation because males are supposed to be warriors .