Tuesday, January 8, 2013

sissypig plays outside....

for EVERYONE to see... Let's ALL Join in Humiliating him
It doesn't matter that it is only 42F outside, the sissy is in a short dress, bare legs and diaper peeking out from his petticoat, he has NOT been permitted to wear slacks in over 7 years !.
sissypig #327 is just so fairyish and Limp-wristed, is it any wonder that he is soooo Gay !!
he wants to make sure that his diapered status is fully exposed, except sissypig #327 is not wearing plastic panties over them.....UH-OH !!
Please take the new poll and vote on wether he still does pass as a female, or that he is an obvious male in heavy makeup
the sissypig is in curtsey, so he must be wetting !!!
According to the sissypigs own words "There ith no bettew fweying than a wet diaper, this thitty is tho happy to wear them evweyday"
Thank you EVERYONE for veiwing his latest pictures, also later this week I will add even more photos from this shoot in a special edition. Also, remember to vote in the new poll, and as always feel free to Download, Repost, Share and Caption the pigs' pictures ~~ AL John

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Anonymous said...

I do think that videos of the faggot bitch verbally abusing itself are desperately needed.